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Tom & Jerry is a live-action animated hybrid comedy based on the classic cartoon frenemies of Tom and Jerry. The film was directed by Tim Story with a screenplay by Kevin Costello. It is the second theatrical adaptation of a cartoon character after 1992’s Tom and Jerry: The Movie. It stars Chloë Grace Moretz, Michael Peña, Colin Jost, Rob Delaney, and Ken Jeong. The film also features Nicky Jam, Bobby Cannavale, and Lil Rel Howery voicing their voices for animated characters.

Tom & Jerry Released simultaneously in theaters and on HBO Max in the United States on February 26, 2021. The film was originally intended to be released in 2009. The film went through downturns and production problems until it finally received the green light in 2019. Critical reception of the film was largely negative for many the wrong thing. The film was criticized for relying too much on live-action characters rather than Tom and Jerry. Despite the light response from viewers, the film received mostly poor reviews.

Tom and Jerry Movie Review

Tom & Jerry (2021) is based on a classic short cartoon about two iconic arch rivals.

Tom and Jerry are some of the most recognized and loved cartoon characters in the world. These two iconic cartoon characters have entertained children in what feels like an eternity now. The age of this muted cat and rodent pair predates even some of our grandparents. Needless to say, the nostalgia for these two friendly nemes who have always been involved in chases and battles is paramount. Unfortunately, that seems to be the only reason people want to endure watching this completely mediocre film. This film feels like a soulless scramble for money by a Hollywood company, taking advantage of easy nostalgia with minimal effort. Even if one thought of it as a film targeted only at children, it still seemed like rehearsals at the pinnacle of mediocrity.

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The film’s title is not a suggestion for what it will focus on – Tom and Jerry. Instead, the film decided to focus on human characters and treat the mouse and cat duo as side characters. The film starts with Tom playing the piano in a central New York park when Jerry fights him. The fight ends with Tom’s piano destroyed while Jerry flees. Since then, the film has followed Kayla Forester, a young woman who does odd jobs. During one of the chases of Tom and Jerry, Kayla bumps into Tom and the delivery outfit falls apart. Kayla was fired from her job and is now looking for a new job at the Royal Gate Hotel. Using a stolen resume, he’s looking for a way to help Terrance Mendoza, an events manager.

Meanwhile, Jerry finds himself staying inside a hotel, where he continues his crimes. The film then introduces the celebrity couple Preeta Mehta and her fiancé Ben. The two of them arrived at the hotel to get married. When Kayla tries to lure the couple, Jerry’s crime jeopardizes the marriage. Kayla decides to arrest Jerry and save his marriage and work. On the other hand, a sad Tom finds Jerry in a hotel and decides to take revenge. After the chaotic upheaval caused by their fight, Kayla finds the duo and befriends Tom. Seeing how Tom has the same goals as hers, she helps him get a job at a hotel.

Tom & Jerry Movie Reviews

Chloë Grace Moretz as Kayla in Tom & Jerry (2021)

When Tom manages to throw Jerry out of the hotel, Kayla finds that her wedding ring is missing. It is revealed that Jerry owns the ring, which he offers to hand over, but only if he’s allowed to return to the hotel. After a fight with Terrance, Kayla’s job is compromised due to Tom and Jerry’s fight. Kayla convinces the two to clear up their differences, which they did, but not for long. Terrance triggers a feud between the two by telling them lies about each other as the marriage begins. A fight ensues, and the marriage breaks down, resulting in Kayla quitting and Tom being fired.

Realizing that it was their fault, Tom and Jerry bury the ax and decide to save the marriage. They invited Kayla and Terrence, who also reconciled their differences with the three. The team then corrected his mistake and saved the marriage. The marriage was successful, and Kayla got her job back. The film ends the same way as most Tom and Jerry stories. The duo haven’t been friends for long, and their fierce competition has flared up again. The cat and mouse chase returns as the credits roll.

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Unfunny and backward character

There’s not much to praise this slapstick boring attempt to bring classic cartoons back to life. Adults and children alike, rarely will anyone find much fun in film, if at all. Much of her negative critical reception was due to the treatment of the main characters – Tom and Jerry. The film puts these two characters aside, which is the reason why anyone would want to watch a movie called after them. It feels like studio executives found this nostalgic IP lying around, off, and decided to cash in on it. And thus, poorly written and poorly executed films made, all ripe with nostalgic feeds, ready to disappoint everyone. The film is filled with poorly written dialogue, which takes their humor from a horror comedy.

What should be focused on Tom and Jerry’s crime-ridden adventures, ultimately focuses on unattractive human characters. Not to mention, one of the protagonists, Kayla is shown to deceive her way to work – not a good lesson for kids going to watch a movie. This film really does not take advantage of the titular character. Even human character is given nothing to work with. The audience should be concerned about the marriage of a rich couple that is not as attractive or as refined as a character. The film also, for some strange reason, contains classic hip-hop songs that are irrelevant to today’s kids. Viewers are also given periodic recaps by some of the animated birds for several reasons throughout the film.

The underutilized Tom And Jerry

Tom & Jerry starred in comedic talents like Michael Peña and Ken Jeong, but they weren’t given anything worth working on. The humor was unremarkable and difficult to understand. There is no storyline for Tom and Jerry, other than familiar and exaggerated battles, reconciliations, and more fights. Although it would work, the lack of creativity and ingenuity made the battle sequences boring and not funny. The film doesn’t even succeed in replicating the slapstick humor of the animated cartoon series.

Tom & Jerry Movie Reviews

Tom and Jerry (2021) received generally negative reviews because the script was not funny.

This film is too jammed with human characters and unkind jokes. The creative sequences of Tom and Jerry’s rivalries are scattered sporadically throughout the film. But the majority of the runtime deals with the trivial wedding planning of the boring rich couple and the surrounding conflicts. While the CG animation blends nicely with the live action sequences, that doesn’t help make it any more entertaining. Additional jokes of poop and fart didn’t help either.


Failed to translate cartoon series into film

This film belittles viewers, both children and adults, who may have grown up watching the cartoons. Chloë Grace Moretz tries her best to maximize what she gives, but like her co-stars, she can’t do much here.

The reason classic cartoons work so well is because of their runtime. A 7-8 minute cartoon about two voiceless animals makes sense. But to stretch it to the right length of the film run time is quite another. This requires a different approach and careful planning. This film was a complete flop. There’s not much you can do with two characters who don’t speak at all. There’s only so much physical humor you can put in before it gets stale. That’s why it is necessary to add additional characters besides Tom and Jerry. However, there is a better way to do it. The human character is not a problem, the humorous dialogue they provide is. And that goes for every character in this film, even the mouse-and-cat sequence, that won’t bring any laughter to the audience.

Tom & Jerry is streaming on HBO Max.

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