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Do you watch Korean Dramas? Have you ever watched Korean Dramas? Are you a Korean Drama fan? Whatever the conditions but according to the modern scenario, these Korean dramas are getting popular day by day, and their followers and viewers are increasing rapidly, and currently, this Korean drama is booming. One of the main reasons behind the sudden popularity of this Korean drama is the outstanding content quality and stunning appearance of the Korean drama cast.

They always choose quality over quantity, and this is their main way to success. We want to know which Korean drama you liked the most to date, so do share it with us in the comments section below. Now, we want to return to the main topic of this article, the main thing that you have all covered here. Yes, we have got all the details about the recently released Korean drama series ‘Times’ and those who are very excited to find out, then you have come to the right place to find all these details.

Times Kdrama Plot Schedule and Episodes

Schedule Episode Times

The series has a total of 12 episodes of which 2 have been released, and there are still 10 episodes left for premiere, and we have got a full episode schedule for you so you can get a clear picture of when the episodes are coming. is released, and your curiosity about the series will remain true. But before that, we want to let you know that the title of this episode was not disclosed, so we will share it in our upcoming update on this site and not this one. So, here is the complete episode schedule for the upcoming episodes;

  • Episode 3: 2021-02-27
  • Episode 4: 2021-02-28
  • Episode 5: 2021-03-06
  • Episode 6: 2021-03-07
  • Episode 7: 2021-03-13
  • Episode 8: 2021-03-14
  • Episode 9: 2021-03-20
  • Episode 10: 2021-03-21
  • Episode 11: 2021-03-27
  • Episode 12: 2021-03-28

Cast & Crew

The series features Lee Seo-Jin as Lee Jin-Woo, Lee Joo-Young as Seo Jung-In, Kim Young-Chul as Seo Ki-Tae, Moon Jeong-Hee as Kim Young-Joo, Kim In-Kwon in the role of Do Young-Jae, Moon Ji-In played Myung Soo-Kyung, Ha-Joon in the role of Lee Geun-Woo in the main and recurring roles, and from our experience that we have observed from the two episodes that have been released, we can say that they just finished their performance and all were so amazing and amazing the whole time.

Yoon Jong-Ho is the director of this Korean drama series, and he has done such an amazing job that after only two episodes, he received so many awards and applause that he didn’t expect even after the series was complete. Lee Sae-Bom and An Hye-Jin are the writers of this series, and they also have made a huge contribution to this wonderful series. Since we’ve shared the episode schedule with all of you, and from there, it may be clear that every week two episodes are released, one on Saturday and one on Sunday at 10:30 pm.

Times Kdrama Plot Schedule and Episodes


The series revolves around Lee Jin-Woo and Seo Jung-In and they are the two main characters that form the basis of the complete story. Lee Jin-Woo was a reporter who only worked for the truth and he was the most honest reporter at that time. In 2020, Seo Jung-In started working as a reporter and he too followed the same line and decided to work only for the truth. He is passionate or we can say very passionate about his job. One day, somehow the two of them connected via a phone call.

Together they both try to save the life of the South Korean president who is Seo-Jung’s father. The two of them then face a bitter and dangerous reality that really weighs down on them. As of now, we have shared almost every detail about this Korean drama and if some more updates are announced, then we will update them on this site. If you haven’t started watching this series yet, then at the end of the article we want to let you know that you missed something that was really obtained, so start watching this Korean drama as soon as possible.

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