The World Ends with You The Animation Episode 4: Preview and Recap

Neku and Shiki wake up in the middle of the city, and Naku finds that they have seven days to complete their mission. They receive a message that men and women in their late teens are caught in an accident, unconscious, so the players in Game Reappears, the dead, gather underground. Neku looked at Shiki who was still passed out in the middle of the road. He wondered if Shiki and him were dead. Neku remembers the first time they failed to complete a mission in this game.

He realized that this was their second chance, and they couldn’t afford to break it or lose it. Neku opened his left hand and found two badges, wondering why he died. Shiki wakes up and calls Neku, who realizes that he can’t remember why he died. He tells Neku that his amnesia might have something to do with his entry fee. Neku becomes confused and wonders what Shiki said to him. Shiki explains that when Neku entered the Game Reapers, they took away whatever was most important to him, no exception.

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Shiki wondered what took so long since it was already 20 minutes when they entered the Game Reapers. He asks Neku if he remembers when Rhyme said he didn’t know about dreams. Neku answered yes and said that because the Skater-Brain yelled at me. Shiki comments because it was taken as his entry fee. Neku asks if it’s like how he can’t remember anything. Shiki says he hates her, and he doesn’t understand why they are taking her looks. But now he knows what happened.

She revealed that when she saw that she looked like Eri here, she was surprised but happy. But she always wants to change, and she wants to be Eri, cute and capable. She wondered why she couldn’t be like Eri because she realized that she was still inside him. Shiki also said he didn’t want to accept what he couldn’t do, and he was jealous of Eri and played the victim. Shiki reveals that he protects himself, but in the end, he cares about himself the most.

She says that’s why they regard her appearance as her entry fee, but she is fine and understands herself. Neku comments that he understands, and he tells her that if they survive seven days, they’ll come back to life and get their entry fee back. Neku realizes that’s when he will find out why he died, and his memories will return. He was worried that he knew nothing about himself as a person. But he only knew another version of himself that played the Game Reapers.

The World Ends with You Animation

The World Ends with You Animation

Entry fee

Shiki reveals that they only have two days to complete the seven days. He wondered why he couldn’t see Beat and Rhyme. Neku wonders what he will do if he survives. Meanwhile, Yodai and his crew talked about the remaining players. Yodai revealed that only four players were left: Beat, Rhyme, Shiki, and Neku. She comments that she will crush it and cook it before sunset tomorrow. If he failed, the two of them would get their lives back and get their entry fees back. Megumi’s boss comments that she is relying on Yodai.

Yodai vowed that he would not disappoint his boss no matter what. Megumi revealed that when this game ended, Yodai was officially, but she missed her words. Yodai realizes what Megumi wants to say, and she comments that she is grateful and happy. Meanwhile, Shiki and Neku are looking for Beat and Rhyme. Rhyme yells that they’re here, and Beat tells him not to scream because it’s embarrassing. They receive the mission indefinitely, and they are told to reach the tower record.

Then they arrive at the tower record, and Rhyme saves Beat from being swallowed up by sharks that live on land and water. Rhyme is eventually swallowed, and the three of them fight a shark, but they lose Rhyme. At night, they destroyed Yodai and won the battle. They meet with Megumi, who informs them of the new rules. He tells them that he’s taking the second entry fee and they will be playing Game Reapers again. Neku agrees because Shiki will disappear.

The World Ends With You Animation Episode 4 Release Date and Where To Watch

The World Ends with You The Animation Episode will be released on Saturday, May 1, 2021, at 6:24 p.m. JST. You can The World Ends with You Animation online officially at AnimeLab and Funimation.

The World Ends with You Animated Episode 4 Preview

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