The Wind Ending Explained: What Really Happened With Lizzy? (Article ready)

The Wind is an American Supernatural film that follows elements of horror and mystery in the Wild West. The film follows the story of two couples as they start living in an uninhabited area of ​​New Mexico. And throughout the filming process, we see a woman descending into madness. He must spend time alone in the frontier lands as he struggles to survive and gain his sanity. And we get a glimpse of its past and present, answering the questions that pop up in the audience’s head. The story itself does not have any possible positive outcome but simply leaves the audience at a point of uncertainty where they cannot understand the fate of each character. While the film attempts to answer these questions through the film’s narrative, let’s get to the End of the Wind Explanation.

Wind has earned some good approval ratings as viewers dubbed the film as Imperfect but interesting. This film offers an interesting story as well as a new perspective for horror fans. The story not only moves chronologically but keeps going back and forth in time as it keeps us guessing at events while also giving us an idea of ​​what to expect. It gives viewers something to watch out for, making them concentrate on a particular character or moment. However, this has been criticized for having to use too many flashbacks for a horror film that generally works on the element of surprise. Prior to its release, the film company had even commissioned a game for the promotion of the film. Although it was received positively, it was criticized for its short duration.

What Happens in the Wind?

The story begins with married couple Lizzy Macklin and Isaac as they arrive in an uninhabited area of ​​New Mexico, far from St. Louis. Here they start their own settlement and live alone until another couple arrives. Emma and Gideon Harper arrived all the way from Illinois when they ended up staying in an abandoned cabin nearby. We then witness events from the future and the past where we see Emma being buried with her stillborn baby. Moments later, we see Lizzy befriend young Emma. In this friendship, even Lizzy chooses to tell Emma, ​​how her son Samuel died stillbirth. And during her pregnancy, she also experienced moments of paranoia when her husband wasn’t around at night.

Slowly, we can see how Emma is starting to get too dependent on Lizzy and Isaac. At times like this, Emma would even ask where Lizzy’s rifle was. But one night, Gideon visits Lizzy and Isaac’s house to tell them that Emma doesn’t seem well. While visiting their house, Lizzy sees Emma hiding under the bed because she is afraid of an unseen entity that is coming to get her unborn baby. Lizzy ends up having to calm Emma down with chloroform, but this isn’t the end. Later, Emma continued to talk about her fear of this unnatural presence, but Lizzy chose to ignore it. However, Emma plans to name her child Lizzy or Isaac.

The Wind Ending Explained: What Really Happened With Lizzy?

Lizzy with Emma.

Lizzy and the Supernatural Event

As time went on and Emma’s pregnancy drew closer, it turned out that Emma shot herself with Lizzy’s gun in her head. But because there was still a chance to save the baby, Lizzy tried a cesarean section, but this attempt was unsuccessful. So here we see a scene from earlier joining forces as Emma, ​​and her baby being buried together. Soon after, Gideon and Isaac went to pick up some supplies and reported the deaths. This leaves Lizzy living alone in the area when her paranoia strikes again. During this time, he encounters various supernatural events that begin with a wolf attack on him. During this time, he even accidentally shot and killed his goat. The goat is usually used as a symbolism in relation to the devil. He even happened to witness a poltergeist as he went to investigate Harper’s cabin due to the light emanating here.

The next morning, Lizzy wakes up to find Emma’s notebook. Through it, Lizzy finds out how Emma is carrying Isaac’s baby. After he burns her, Lizzy overcomes her paranoia by choosing to render herself unconscious using chloroform. After some time passed, Lizzy met a priest who she provided lodging at Harper’s place. But that night, the priest knocks on Lizzy’s door when she claims to have met some supernatural entities in the place. But as she opens the door for him, Lizzy realizes that the priestess herself is a manifestation of the entity. So, Lizzy hides in Harper’s cabin only to find the priest’s body the next morning. Moments later, Lizzy goes to her son Samuel’s grave, where she plans to shoot herself with a shotgun. But at that moment, Isaac returned because he claimed to have met the priest on the street.

What Happens in The Wind Ending?

At the end of The Wind, Gideon returned to the cabin packing his things. But there, he left a briefcase filled with Emma’s books. In this regard, there are treatises detailing the various “meadow demons. While Isaac chooses not to confront him, Lizzy does so when she is thrown off by an invisible force that stabs herself with scissors into her ribs. Then when Lizzy woke up, she found herself tied to her bed as Isaac sat across from her. He had found Emma’s journal which made him realize how Lizzy actually killed Emma out of jealousy. Lizzy manages to free herself when she decides to stab Isaac in the neck with a piece of glass, killing him. The next day, he stumbles outside his house as he collapses on the ground remembering his past.

The Wind Ending Explained: What Really Happened With Lizzy?

Lizzy and Isaac

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The Wind Ending Explained: Is Lizzy Dead?

Towards the end of The Wind, Lizzy has been through a lot as she faces a series of supernatural events. He had struggled to contain his paranoia, but it only got worse when he was thrown onto the kitchen table by an unseen force. Then again, he also met the priest. According to what Lizzy witnessed, the priest was actually possessed by the entity, but later he was found dead in front of his house. But later, when her husband Isaac returned home, she claimed how she had spoken to the priest on the street. This makes us doubt how much of the events on the screen are true and how likely Lizzy’s hallucinations are.

Lizzy’s paranoia gets worse when she finds a small booklet between them entitled ‘Demons of the Prairie’. Later we even realized how Lizzy herself shot Emma in the head. He did it out of jealousy, but we can’t say how much this was influenced by supernatural entities. In the end, Lizzy was even forced to kill her husband with a piece of glass. We’ve seen how Lizzy deals with the problems she faces, but slowly she seems to have reached a point where she was willing to commit suicide. The last we saw Lizzy was her collapsing on the ground outside her house. Even though he wasn’t dead, the wound from the scissors that stabbed him was deep. Given how they lived in such a remote place, he might not receive any help and slowly die.

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Why did Lizzy kill Emma and Isaac?


The reason why Lizzy killed Emma was probably due to her growing dislike for her. Emma became too dependent on him and Isaac. Moreover, knowing how Emma had sexual relations with her husband, she might have committed a crime out of jealousy. In Isaac’s case, we were shown how Lizzy became too paranoid because of her interactions with the entity. In the end, Lizzy saw darkness lurking behind Isaac as his eyes turned black. Driven by her innate fear for entities, Lizzy proceeds to stab Isaac in the neck. Even if this wasn’t the case, her husband’s infidelity was more than reason enough to turn his anger into murder. By the time we reach the end of The Wind, Lizzy has changed for the worse.

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