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Horror movies are always creepy, and when topped with a supernatural element with horror, it becomes a victim. The Vigil is an upcoming supernatural horror film featuring Dace Davis and Menashe Lustig in the film’s leading roles. The film was written and directed by Keith Thomas, and this is his directorial debut with this film. The Vigil premiered at the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival, which took place in September 2019. In addition, in the midst of a pandemic, the film has been released in several parts of the world with certain limited theaters.

Based on the premiere of The Vigil, this film received quite a number of awards in terms of box office collections, and the response from critics and audiences was satisfactory. Some websites refer to The Vigil as a film with a rich atmosphere and creepy stuff involved, and why not? Being a supernatural horror film, of course you will expect something different from the usual horror films that we have watched for a long time.

Upcoming Horror Movie The Vigil- Keith Thomas

The Vigil

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Cast & Plot Details

The film features Menashe Lustig as Reb Shulem, Dave Davis as Yakov Ronen, Fred Melamed as Dr. Kohlberg, Malky Goldman as Sarah, Ronald Cohen as Mr. Litvak, Lynn Cohen as Mr. Litvak, Moshe Lobel as Lazer, Lea Kalisch as Adina, Efraim Miller as Hersch and Nati Rabinowitz as Lane.

The basic plot of The vigil revolves around a haunted story that goes undercover after the death of a member of the Orthodox Jewish community. A young man who was once part of the community has to keep his guard up above because things start to harm him, and he often experiences himself in nightmare situations by evil spirits known as MAZZIK. Supernatural powers begin to emerge after the member’s death, which mistakes the young man because the true story of the film then continues with it continuously after people seem to be creating trouble for the young man, whose role is played by Dave Davis. According to people who have watched this film, it tells us that director Keith Thomas has beautifully combined horror with supernatural things beautifully. Two things we believe never existed but have been through films like this one – The Vigil.

The Vigil – Release Date

As already mentioned above that the film has been released in several parts of the world amidst pandemic restrictions such as some parts with limited restrictions such as in New Zealand, Ireland, United Kingdom in July 2020, and finally released internationally on August 5, 2020, however since cinemas were not opening at that time in the United States, it has now been decided to release the film on 26 February 2021, at the United Nations by IFC Midnight.

Even though its release was restricted with restrictions, the film The Vigil managed to collect $ 39 500 at the box office, which is great for seeing the mood of the people amid the pandemic. In addition, now after the premiere of the film and also in certain parts of the world, it has now succeeded in issuing criticism and reviews from the audience and it seems that now the audience has liked the film and now other viewers who have not. Watching a movie got inspiration to watch this film based on reviews.

Although some critics have said that some scenes could have been better if the director paid attention to them as this is also Keith Thomas’ first film and it will definitely take some time for him to adjust to things, in Generally speaking, both critics and audiences have highly praised the film, and that’s why people are now excited about releasing a full-fledged precautionary film in theaters for those who haven’t seen it.

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