The trailer of the film that has been released this week June 2021

Over the past year, the OTT platform has become the main source of film distribution. OTT platforms have garnered immense popularity with the start of the pandemic. More than theatrical releases, streaming movies on OTT in the comfort of home is now preferred. Government mandates lockdown/curfew again to stop cinemas. Now the OTT platform is the only proper medium for their release. In mid-2021, audiences are witnessing some of the biggest releases on OTT. From Jeo Baby’s The Great Indian Kitchen to Ivan Iyer’s Milestones. The OTT platform has helped some great cinemas to reach a bigger audience. The month of June 2021 was also stellar with several blockbuster releases. The trailer has already intrigued the audience who are eagerly awaiting its release. Here are some movie trailers that will give you an indication of all the entertainment available to you this June.

#1 Jagame Thandhiram

Three months ago, Netflix posted a teaser video for Jagame Thandhiram. It introduces the audience to the goofy character, Suruli, played by Dhanush. A very famous gangster, but loved by his villagers. Towards the end, the title mentions 204 million hearts, 109 countries, 1 Suruli, Ayo Rakita. Indicates something big and also funny. The beat of Rakita’s song is full of energy.

The trailer of Jagame Thandhiram appears on the Indian Netflix YouTube Channel on June 1, 2021. Writer-Director Kartik Subbaraj presents a rather action-packed gangster film with some goofy dialogue. The trailer’s description reads “This film tells the story of Suruli, a reckless gangster from Madurai who must choose between good and evil in a war for what can truly be called home.” As can also be seen from the character of James Cosmo who says, ‚ÄúThis is a business. We don’t need immigrants anymore.” As far as trailers go, this film is arguably the best of all releases in June.

Dhanush’s character, Suruli, gives off a very pop gangster/John Wick feel. He is seen in a contrasting orange suit, pointing a gun, and other gangsters pointing guns at him. Cinematographer Shreyaas Krishna used a very RGB color pattern to deliver this high-action drama. The film features an ensemble cast including Dhanush, Aishwarya Lekshmi, James Cosmo and Joju George. Netflix has also posted a Telugu audio trailer along with the original Tamil Trailer.

Release Date- 18 June 2021

#2 Sherni

Teased in a YouTube community post, Sherni is an upcoming film starring Vidya Balan. The trailer hints at a woman working as an Indian Forest Service officer. It is played when the character Vidya is placed in a village, to hunt a tigress that appears as a man-eater. As a metaphor, Vidya herself struggles against the stereotypes that are in front of her.

A voice-over is heard when introducing Vidya’s character in the trailer. “When there was trouble here, they had sent a female officer.” Questioning and believing that he is not helping. It moved forward to where he asked for a plan of action, only to receive a confused answer.

With a new culture of film being released digitally, trailers are playing a bigger role in keeping audiences hooked and this film does just that, getting you excited for a June release. The 2-minute 26-second trailer hints at a very clear presentation of India’s rich flora and fauna. Amit Masurkar, the director of the film, returns to the story of rural India. In the previous project, Newton, starring Rajkumar Rao, also had a similar setting.

Sherni also has an ensemble cast starring Vidya Balan, Vijay Raaz, Neeraj Kabi, Gopal Dutt, Ila Arun, Sharat Saxena, Mukul Chadda and Brijendra Kala. This will clash with the premiere on Amazon Prime Video, with Jagame Thandhiram releasing on Netflix.

Release Date- 18 June 2021

#3 Ardha Shatabdham

Directed by Rawindra Pulle, Ardha Shatabdham is the latest Telugu film. Karthik Ratnam’s treatment of Kancherpalem fame can be seen in the lead role of the film. The 2-minute trailer hints at a romantic action drama. It depicts a somewhat graphic presentation of the ‘mass film’

The trailer opens on a very dramatic note. It is said that the universe caused the creation of millions of species. But it created humans at a rather bad time, which resulted in an inherently selfish nature. The trailer next moves to a romantic move by the main cast. And finally onto some gruesome and bloody action sequences.

The main theme of this film seems to be discrimination because of caste. The heroine’s father said that it didn’t matter if the neighbors were lowly, but his daughter shouldn’t sleep with lowly players. A somewhat ironic and disturbing truth about caste, a bad system that still runs rampant. The film will stream on Telugu OTT Aha platform.

Release Date-11 June 2021

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