The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent Episode 5: Preview and Recap

The Magic Power of a Saint is Almighty. The secrecy behind a true Saint is about to be revealed. Let’s find out more from the latest updates below; The higher ups have a meeting with King Kyle, who chooses another girl to be a Sint because of her beauty and how much he attracts her. Johan shows the magical things King Kyle is enchanted with increased magical defense, physical defense, and against all status ailments. He revealed that Sei Takanashi made it.

Kyle wonders if it’s an item of legendary power, and he tells them he understands why they insist on speaking in private. He asked them if they could estimate Sei’s abilities. They agree and reveal that Sei’s ability in Sacred affinity magic only matches that of the Great Magus himself. But her strength could exceed that, and Kyle wondered why Sei had such strength in such a short amount of time. He comments that it has been less than a year since his summons, but he has that power.

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Kyle asked them if they had concluded that Sei was a Saint. That high reply is still undetermined. But the only magician in the kingdom with the ability to judge Sei was the Great Magus. They reveal that they will find out if Sei is a Saint or not when Gran Magus wakes up from his deep sleep. In the morning, Sei went to the garden to water the lilies.

She started thinking about Albert, and she realized that she had bent over and kissed her hand before. She feels the kiss, and Jude arrives, but she jumps away, thinking that Albert kissed her in public. Jude tells her it’s him, and he’s been back in their world ever since she fantasized. Jude tells him about their next assignment which the Director wants them to do.

Sei told Jude that he would come and help deliver the potions. But he’s going to spend time with his new friend. Jude wonders about Sei’s new friend, and Sei goes to feed the donkey since it’s donkey lunch time. Ser Wolff and his friends arrive, and they are glad he will help them deliver the potions.

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The Magic Power of that Saint was Almighty

The Magic Power of that Saint was Almighty

Newly Crowned Saints

They informed him that they were going to deliver a potion to the Goshe forest. Sei realized that the Ghose forest was where the Salamanders were attacking, and he realized that was why they needed more potions. He asked Ser Wolff and the others if the Commander of the First Oder was coming, and the man remained silent. They wonder why she asked about other men when they were here. Ser Wolff reveals that Commander First Oder will be helping Crown Prince Kyle.

He also reveals that Prince Kyle and his academy entourage went to the East Forest to train. Sei thought deeply and wondered who this man, who was called Kyle, and she realized that it was he who from that day on she wouldn’t remember. Sei remembered the first day she met Kyle. That day Kayle got cocky about him, and he picked a cool one and announced him as the new Saint. But Sei ate the humiliation because she had no interest in being crowned a new Saint.

Ser Wolff comments that he’s glad Kyle has Saints with him if something goes wrong. Sei wonders what they’re talking about, and they reveal that it’s the girl in Prince Kyle’s care. They reveal that the newly crowned Saint is Aira Misono. Sei realizes that Aiira is the girl who was summoned with him during the summoning ritual. People reveal that Kyle and his men supervise Aira at the Royal Academy. Then Sei used Area to heal and heal the soldiers who were injured during the battle.

The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent Episode 5 Release and Preview Date

The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent Episode 5 will be released on Tuesday, May 4, 2021, 11:30 JST. You can watch The Saints Magic Power is Omnipotent online at AnimeLab and Funimation.

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