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Since the release of Weathering With You, there has been a huge commotion within the fan community. The two characters in Weathering With You are similar to Mitsuha and Taki from Kimi no Na Wa. This got fans asking questions. Makoto Shinkai, the famous director of these films has confirmed that Mitsuha and Taki did make cameos in their next release, Weathering With You. However, what fans didn’t realize was the cameo of a character from Shinkai’s previous film, The Garden of Words in Kimi no Na Wa. Let’s take a look at the three award-winning films from Makoto Shinkai and the relationship between them.

The Garden Of Words – 2013

Garden of Words

A faint sound of thunder


Maybe rain comes

If so, will you stay here with me? – Yukino Yukari.

Shinkai films take their readers a step closer to their own hearts as they travel through the events of the characters’ lives. His masterpiece, The Garden of Words, was released in 2013. The film is about two people who struggle with their own worries. Without realizing it, they help each other deal with their fights and move on in life.

The main protagonists, Takao and Yukino, are the ones who lose in life. They meet in the park when it rains and build a bond. Even though Takao is only 15 years old, he is much more mature for his age. She works part time for her tuition fees and takes care of a family. She dreams of designing shoes one day and is working hard to achieve her dream. She admits the fact that people often view her dreams as worthless, however, she continues to believe in herself as she sits alone in the park, creating shoe designs.

Yukino is experiencing clinical depression. He works as a teacher at the Takao school. Here he was intimidated by some of his students, who accused him of being romantically involved with other students. Finally, he stopped showing up at work. Later in the film, he is seen talking with colleagues about how he lost his sense of taste and could only taste beer and chocolate. This explains the scene when Takao noticed him drinking beer with chocolate in the morning.

Yukino and Takao continued to meet at the park for a month, without knowing each other’s names. However, their interactions create a positive influence in each other’s lives. Takao became more confident and learned more about shoe making from the book Yukino gave him. He moved on from his traumatic experience and finally returned to work.

Kimi No Na Wa – 2016

Kimi no Na Wa

However, the sensation that I had lost something persisted long after I woke up. – Mitsuha Miyamizu.

Kimi No Na Wa or Your Name is the film with the highest rating on IMDb among the three films. Kimi no Na Wa received many positive comments for the plot and its riveting presentation. The story is about Taki and Mitsuha, who continue to swap bodies due to some unknown phenomenon.

While trying to find reasons and solutions to this phenomenon, Taki and Mitsuha try to disentangle each other’s lives. A series of events leads them to understand each other’s emotions. Somewhere in the middle of this, they fell in love, still not knowing each other’s names.

Films connect with audiences from the moment they start. It didn’t let the viewers slip out for even a second to the end. The tragic ending of forgetting each other’s names made the pillow soaked with tears. However, Shinkai turns it into a lovely ending when Mitsuha and Taki meet again.

Weathering With You – 2019

Weather With You

Who cares if we can’t see sunlight? I want you more than any clear sky. – Morishima Hodaka

Three years after the release of Kimi no Na Wa, Makoto Shinkai is back with another beautiful film. The plot revolves around Hodaka and Hina as they discover the meaning of sunshine, love and life. The story is set in Tokyo in 2021. Tokyo has fallen victim to heavy rains, almost submerging the city.

Hodaka ran away from his house and came to Tokyo. He began working for the Monthly Paranormal Occult Editorial C&A Planning. Here, she learns about the sunshine girl, an urban myth about the girl who can stop the rain and bring sunshine. Hodaka meets Hina, who then reveals herself to be a shining girl.

Hodaka and Hina began to use this power to their advantage. In a city where the rain never stops, teenagers make money by stopping the rain as they please. Things seemed to be going well until they realized that there was a limit to this power.

Using this power weakens Hina. But, this is not the worst case scenario. They then realized that the only way to stop the rain was to sacrifice a girl who was sunbathing.

Weathering With You, like the other two films, has great delivery of dialogue that is sure to get viewers on a trance. The story is another unique tale that radiates sparkling energy throughout the soul.

All Cameos in Three Movies

The most notable cameos that everyone knows are the cameos of Taki Tachibana and Mitsuha Miyamizu on Weathering With You. However, here is a list of all the cameos we can see in the movies. Look below and find out which one you missed.

Yukino Yukari

Yukino Yukari in The Garden of Words and Kimi no Na Wa.

In the second film, Kimi no Na Wa, we can see Yukino Yukari from The Garden of Words as Mitsuha’s literary teacher. The resemblance is similar to the protagonist from the first film and the character also shares the same name. Moreover, the characters from the two films also have the same voice actor, namely Hanazawa Kana.

Fans are still debating the authenticity of this fact as Yukino clearly stated that he will return to his hometown, Shikoku. This contradicts Yukino’s presence at Itomori after the events of the first film. However, Shinkai has confirmed that these two characters are the same Yukino Yukari.

Takao Akizuki

Makoto Shinkai confirmed the appearance of Takao at Kimi no Na Wa

Shinkai has emphasized that there will definitely be a Takao’s cameo in Kimi no Na Wa. When fans failed to pay attention to the previous protagonist, Shinkai tweeted the scene on his Twitter in slow motion to erase his fan request. We only get a glimpse of Takao in the film as a hiker. However, this is enough for us to know that all movies take place in the same universe.

Taki Tachibana

Taki Tachibana in Weathering With You.

At Weathering With You, we see Taki Tachibana as one of the clients who received help from Hina and Hodoka. She appears to have visited her grandmother, who asked for time in the sun to say goodbye to her husband after his death.

Taki played a minor role in advising Hodaka.

Mitsuha Miyamizu

Mitsuha Miyamizu on Weathering With You.

Shortly after Taki appeared on the screen, we saw Mitsuha. He worked as an employee at a jewelry shop. Hodaka bought gifts for Hina here. When he seemed unsure of the prize, Mitsuha assured him.

Sayaka and Matsuhiko

Sayaka and Matsuhiko in Kimi no Na Wa. (above) Sayaka and Matsuhiko in Weathering With you. (Down)

Mitsuha’s friends, whose adult appearance was shown towards the end of Kimi no Na Wa was also seen in the next film. In the scene when the sky is clear towards the end, they are seen above the ferris wheel, admiring the weather.

Yotsuha Miyamizu

Yotsuha in Kimi no Na Wa. (Above) Yotsuha on Weathering With You. (Down)

Towards the end of the film Weathering With You, we saw a number of people dazzled by the sunshine. One of the random people shown in the scene is none other than Mitsuha’s younger sister, Yotsuha.

Simple Three Movie Timeline

Seeing the crossover of so many characters in this film makes one wonder what exactly happened. In an interview with Starburst Magazine, Shinkai revealed his intention behind the cameos. He wants people to see that before they fulfill their destiny, these people also lead normal lives. Also, because people got crazy about the character’s timeline, Shinkai explained that they all belonged to the same timeline.

Here is a timeline that the character is most likely to have.


Takao and Yukino met in June 2013. So, this marks the beginning of these films. After bonding until June, they had no contact during July and mid-August. Towards the end of August Takao found out that Yukino was a teacher at his school. In September, Yukino left school after Takao’s confession and Yukino’s sincere thanks. This is where the next story begins.

Garden of Words

Even though he said he would move to Shikoku, we saw Yukino at Itomori. He worked as a literature teacher at the Mitsuha school. She didn’t play the lead role in the film, but we know that she was happy and healthy at the time.


In September 2013, Mitsuha and Taki started swapping bodies. Because we know from the story that Taki is three years away from him, then that means, Taki’s timeline starts from 2016.

Kimi no Na Wa.

Now, there are two realities between September 2013 and October 2013. Everything is pretty much the same from September to October 3. However, due to Taki’s prayer at Itomori Shrine, the reality of October 4 changed. Initially, the comet attacked Itomori, killing every area. Or, in the new reality, everyone evacuated the place safely and Itomori was destroyed.

Mitsuha’s future and Taki’s history change. Not much is known about the time between 2013 and 2016. The residents of Itomori are living new lives in new places. Taki belongs to the time zone 2016. After forgetting the incident, he resumed his normal life. At the same time, he always missed someone. Mitsuha moved to Tokyo, where she worked in a jewelery shop. Somewhere at that time, Takao was also seen in Tokyo. However, his status was not revealed. It is best to assume that he is also in good health.


Of course, Taki and Mitsuha lead normal, working and happy lives. In 2021, eight years after the comet hit Itomori, another mysterious phenomenon flooded into Tokyo. Set in the rainy season, Weathering With You starts in June. Hodaka and Hina grant people’s wishes for a bright moment.

Weather With You.

After Hodaka saved Hina from sacrifice, we saw that it continued to rain for the next three years. Now, in Kimi no Na Wa we see that Taki and Mitsuha meet in 2021 towards the end of the film. However, we saw a clear day, as opposed to the third film. This led fans to believe that the three films fit together in the multiverse.

Mitsuha ran to the station before him and Taki’s reunion. The environment is wet, indicating that it must be raining.

If you look at the last scene of Kimi no Na Wa where the protagonists’ reunion takes place, it won’t be hard to see the splash of water as Taki and Mitsuha run. The surrounding environment itself looked wet too. It can be assumed that it was raining, except at that time. “It’s raining non-stop” can also be an exaggeration. Shinkai’s confirmation that the characters share the same timeline leaves only a possible timeline of these events.

Makato Shinkai at an event.

Makoto Shinkai gave us three films that increase our serotonin levels. He puts our emotions on the film strip with ease. Using only words, he touched the souls of millions of people.

Each film was released at an interval of three years. After Weathering With You’s recent release in 2019, will he bring another masterpiece in 2022? If he’s releasing another film, I’m more curious about the character who might get the cameo this time.

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