The Promised Neverland Season 2 Just Reveals Norman’s Evil Side – Info

The Promised Neverland Season 2 debuted with the anime Winter 2021 and saw the Gracefield kids trying to escape. They had followed William Minerva’s instructions on how to get to the human world. They even find great hiding places in the wild. But this was short-lived as gracefield farms quickly found them and raided them out. Since their shelter is no longer safe, they travel to the next destination on William Minerva’s map. So it looks like they’ll be running away for a while.

Given that Willian Minerva is no longer alive, their chances of crossing into the human world are getting smaller. And after meeting Norman, who everyone thinks is dead. Things have changed dramatically. At least for the storyline, this remains true because Emma and the kids are still in the dark and blindly following Norman’s instructions.

When they meet, Norman tells them everything that happened to him while he was away. It appears that he was in captivity as a test subject along with more children from other farms. So they were fed drugs and experimental pills. But the side effects mean that most of them suffer from life-threatening conditions. This meant that whatever plans Norman and his group had, they had to implement it immediately. Otherwise, their rebellion wouldn’t have much effect.

Norman has come up with some trust issues from the start, and this time his siblings trusted him and honestly believed his words. Emma does not agree with Norman’s plan to eradicate all the demons in Neverland so that humans can live freely. He wants to coexist, something that is only an idea at the moment. The Promised Neverland Season 2 Episode 8 should tell us more about this aspect.

The Promised Neverland Season 2 Episode 8 Reveals Norman’s Dark Side

The Promised Neverland Season 2 Episode 7

The Promised Neverland Season 2 Episode 7

Norman suddenly appeared with a group of followers. They called him boss, and there was something odd about him; he also had a stern expression on his face. But considering that she always looked like that, it was a little hard to think about. But towards the end of the final episode, the anime has shown us what the group has been up to and how dangerous they are.

Norman and his group have strong ideals, and all despise demons for the experiments they do on them. Because of this, most of them are in serious medical conditions due to fatal side effects. Some even eat demon meat because they want to treat the devil like food. Norman has an agreement with Emma and Ray, that if they bring an evil blooded demon to him within five days, then Norman will stop his plans to kill all the demons in Neverland.

But right after they left, Norman didn’t hide any discussions with Emma from his friends. He tells them everything and also adds that he will betray his brothers. This was before he saw the storefront he had kept in his hiding place. Norman has different body parts from the demon he killed. This proves how dangerous Norman and his group are. They also have large demons that they nurture in the dungeon.

The demon seemed to be dead and had multiple swords piercing his body. This may be their memento to prove their battle has survived to the present. When Norman said he would kill Soji and Mujika, it was hard to believe based on the fighting prowess shown by Mujika and Soji.

The Dark Side of Norman and his Group

The demon that Norman is holding in the dungeon is enormous, much bigger than Mujika, and perhaps the biggest we’ve seen so far. It appeared to be pierced with several blades still on its body, meaning it was defeated in battle. Now that we know Norman can’t be trusted, we still don’t know if his story about the evil-blooded devil is true. But an evil blooded demon got in the way of his plan.

Based on Mujika’s behavior, they can survive without eating humans. But that doesn’t mean they won’t eat it. The only reason Mujika and Soji saved Emma and her siblings was because of her religious beliefs which she managed to find a way out. He intended to let the children grow up in the wild and then hunt them down. This means that he will finally enjoy the human flesh he craves for.

With this in mind, this could mean that Norman was probably the one behind the murder of all the evil blooded demons. And now, only Soji and Mujika may be left for him to start his plan to eradicate humanity. So if Soji and Mujika are eliminated, there will be no more gaps in their plans. He plans to go as far as betraying the trust of his brothers to bring his plan to fruition.

For now, let’s wait to see how all of this will turn out in the anime. Norman seems to have the potential to beat Mujika and Soji if you look at the demo collection and body parts. The next episode releases next week and is streaming online on Funimation. So let’s wait to see what’s next.

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