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Emma and Ray have visited Normas’s headquarters and told him about the two demons that the drugs won’t work on them. Norman realizes that the demon girl he knows is still alive. At the same time, Mujika and Sonju are in the forest wandering, and Sonjuis is up to something. Back at Norman’s base, he realizes that the two living demons are Sonju and Mujika. They are the ones whose medicine won’t work against them.

Norman wonders how the girl with bad blood is still alive, and Emma asks if she knows about them. He replied that he had just heard of their whereabouts. Norman comments that Maujika is a demon that never eats humans. He is a special individual who can maintain form and intelligence without eating humans. Mujika’s existence has been recorded since 700 years ago. The agricultural system was established after an appointment.

The Promised Neverland Season 2 Episode 8 will be released on Friday, March 6, 2021, 12:00 JST on Funimation and AnimeLab. Let’s find out what Emma and Norman will agree on about the devil below.

Previously on The Promised Neverland Season 2 Episode 7

Norman reveals that Mujika first appeared as a savior in a city that was starving. He could give his power to others with just his blood. With just a sip of Mujika’s blood, the devil can get the same body composition as him. Demons gained the ability to create the same type of devil with their own blood. Emma realized that meant the devil could create a demon who wouldn’t degenerate without even eating humans.

The Promised Neverland Season 2

The Promised Neverland Season 2


Norman thanked him, and the nobles who knew caught all the devils affected. They killed and ate everyone with that blood, and the records say Mujika was also killed and eaten. Norman wonders how Mujika has managed to survive since it was reported that he had died. Ray comments that Mujika and Sonju are traveling so they won’t be caught. Emma said she didn’t understand why kings and nobles ate Mujika’s friends.

Norman revealed that it was because they were afraid of Mujika’s blood and strength. Emma comments that there is nothing scary about Mujika’s strength. He also commented that if they continued using Mujika’s blood, they wouldn’t need to eat humans. Norma reveals that Mujika and his friends are blocking the way of the king and nobles. They will rule the world as they please. That is why kings and nobles captured Mujika’s friends and killed them to rule the world.

Norman goes on to say that they made a promise 1000 years ago rather than stop conflicts with humans. They continued to talk about demons and how they supplied meat. Norman reveals that he must be careful with Sonju and Mujika. He thought that they had the power to return a demon who had degenerated into human form. They are dangerous for their plans, and he reveals that they must find a way to kill them.

Human World

The Promised Neverland Season 2

The Promised Neverland Season 2

Emma and Ray are surprised that Mujika and Sonju have helped them with the other children. Emma tells Norman to stop because Mujika and Sonju are good demons. He reveals that they are his friends and they have saved their lives. Emma said she couldn’t kill Mujika and Sonju. Norman replies that they are demons and asks if he thinks they will sit and watch as they kill other evil demons. He thought that they could not forgive them for killing their kind.

Emma replied that they had to stop killing demons, and she didn’t want to exterminate them. He asks Norma if they can use Mujika’s blood and inject it into a demon that eats humans. It will help them not to eat humans anymore, and they will also do well and nobly. Norman thought it wouldn’t help because other demons would fail to suppress their appetite. They will hunt and eat it. Emma says the better solution is to escape to the human world.

Emma also said that the human world that Mr. Minerva told them. He said that they would leave the devil alone and bring all humans into the human world. That would be a better solution than killing each other. Norma reveals that the farm destroys the devices that will help them reach the gates to the human world. But there is only one gate left to go to the human world and that is at Grace Field House.

Norma reveals there is a Gatekeeper at headquarters, and it’s dangerous. No human will accept it because humans and demons want to make a profit. It’s better for them to create their own human world here. Emma makes a deal with Norman that she will find Mujika and Sonju in five days. If she succeeded, Norma wouldn’t have to kill the devil. Emma returns and tells the kids about her mission.

Preview of The Promised Neverland Season 2 Episode 8

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