The Oak Room Ending Explained: Plot and Conclusion


The Oak Room is a 2020 thriller film directed by Cody CALAH. Peter Genoway has written the screenplay for the film. This story is based on the game of the same name by Peter Genoway. It stars RJ Mitte, Ari Millen, Martin Roach, Nicholas Campbell, David Ferry, and Peter Outerbridge. The Oak Room premiered at the Fantasia International Film Festival in August 2020. Critical reception of the film was largely lucrative. Critics praised the story and the atmosphere the film created. The film takes place amidst a raging blizzard. A drifter returns home to a remote Canadian town where he was born. He enters a local blue collar bar amidst a blizzard. When she started telling the gray bartender, who was in debt, the story changed. As the drifters tell their stories, the film shifts to a mistaken identity and gruesome violence.

The cast includes RJ Mitte (Breaking Bad), who plays the lead drifter, Steve. Peter Outerbridge plays grizzled bartender Paul. Ari Millen plays Michael’s hitman. Nicholas Campbell plays Gordon, Steve’s father who is now deceased. Martin Roach plays Richard. David Ferry plays the character Kenneth. Amos Crawley plays Thomas Coward. Avery Esteves played Young Michael, while Coal Campbell played Young Gordon. Finally, Adam Seybold plays Young Paul. There’s a pretty mysterious intrigue for this film right off the bat. As the plot moves forward, the story reveals more of a Russian doll-like story. The film ends in ambiguity, although it points to what could be the only conclusion. If you are wondering what The Oak Room ends with and what it means, we are here to help! But be careful if you don’t want to be spoiled!

The Oak Room Cast

RJ Mitte with director Cody CALAH.

What is the film about? Plot Synopsis

The film starts with a raging blizzard. Steve walks into the bar and strikes a conversation with the bartender, Paul. Steve has been a drifter for many years and has now returned to his hometown. He and Paul know each other, and Steve owes Paul and another person called Stelli a debt of gratitude. Paul calls this Stelli guy over to the bar and meets Steve about the debt. Soon, Steve convinces Paul to hear a story about an event at a similar bar a few days ago. The story is set in a similar blizzard, and the bartender, Michael, will close down the bar. The story ends with a verbal argument between the bartender and a man named Richard, who enters the bar. However, before the end, Michael told Richard his own story.

Paul is annoyed at the unflattering ending, and then he goes on to tell a story of his own. He told a story that Steve’s father, Gordon, once told. We also see this story in flashback. This story follows Steve’s depressed father who laments his wasted life. After that, Steve tells a second story that follows the events that led to the first story. Michael, in this story, had killed the previous bartender before Richard arrived. And he killed Richard immediately after their verbal argument too. Paul doubts how Steve knows about this. Steve informs him that the town drunk is quietly watching what happens. She then wonders if Michael has gone to the wrong bar and killed the wrong person, which alerts Paul.

Review of The Oak Room

RJ Mitte plays the lead role of Steve in The Oak Room (2020).

The Oak Room Ending Explained

As soon as Steve expresses his suspicions about Michael killing the wrong bartender, Paul becomes worried. It was clear that Michael had to kill some of the other bartenders, not the ones he did. And the bartender is Paul. Paul realizes this fact when Steve tells him that Michael said something to the real bartender before killing him. He said to the bartender, “Jimmy Thomson sends his greetings.” As soon as Paul heard this, he turned pale, because he knew that Michael should have killed him. The film ends with Michael’s headlights breaking through the bar window and illuminating Paul’s terrified face. There is only one conclusion to it, and it ends in Paul’s murder. As for Steve, it seems he knows about or is an accomplice to Michael. Michael gets his murder and Steve, his father’s property and freedom from debt.

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