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K-Dramas and movies have recently been gaining a lot of viewers in the entertainment industry. Especially after the Korean wave, Korean entertainment has gained immense recognition. Many Korean films have received a lot of attention from the audience. And one of them is The Night of The Undead. This is a 2020 Sci-fi comedy film based on experiences with extraterrestrials. Filming for this film began in April 2019 and ended around July 2019. The director of this film is Shin Jung Won and the producer is Shin Ye-Rim. And the story writers are Jang Hang-Jun and Shin Jung-Won. The film was first released on September 29, 2020 in South Korea. The film’s distributor is TCO and the film is 110 minutes long.

The main cast for this film includes Lee Jung-Hyun as So-Hee, Kim Sung-Oh as Man-Gil, Seo Young-Hee as Se-Ra, Yang Dong-Geun as Doctor Jang, Lee Mi-Do as Yang-Sun, Kim Seo-Won as Seo-Won, Joo Bo-Bi as Kyung-Hee, Lee Iyan as an agent, Shin Min-Jae as agent B, and finally Lim Chae-Seon as a gas station employee. The film received good reviews from audiences as well as critics.


The Night of the Undead

Image from The Night Of The Undead

The story of The Night Of The Undead revolves around the woman Seo-hee. Seo-hee is a spoiled and happy wife. Her husband Man-Gil is a sweet and hardworking man and showered him with lots of love every day. But one night when he came back from a friendship reunion. Seo-hee became suspicious of her husband’s activities after she read the text in his message on her husband’s phone. The text message came from an unknown recipient and this casts doubt in her mind that maybe Man-Gil was having an affair. So, to sort things out, he hired an eccentric private detective as well as a trading expert Dr. Jang. She secretly follows Man-Gil around and takes notes about her daily routine and deeds.

After her investigation, she reveals the shocking and strange truth about Seo-hee’s husband in front of her. And this was something far beyond his imagination. The detective said that her husband spent most of his time working out at various gyms and then going to nightclubs around town and taking pictures of various girls from there and taking them somewhere in person every day. To his surprise even more, the detective also reveals that Seo-hee is his fourth wife, and has done things no one can explain like spending liters and liters of gasoline at a gas station. So after this, Dr. Jang arrives at the closing survey and also the final blow for him. That this Man-Gil man is part of a so-called unbreakable alien race that secretly lives among humans to get their DNA.

After listening to this Seo-hee was shocked, but at the same time, she decided to take revenge. So, this woman, with the help of her closest schoolmate, Sae-ra and Yang-seon come up with a plan. And they are involved in a night in which no one seems to be able to die.

This film seems to be a mix of three very famous Hollywood films namely Men in Black, American Phsyco, and First Wives Club. Extraterrestrials living in human form have served as perfect science fiction and on the other hand, three strong women who are all with unique characters who are thirsty for revenge have a scathing effect on the story and the overall comedy effect has been created. this film is a total outstanding film.

Release Date The Night Of The Undead 2

The Night of the Undead

Photo from The Night Of The Undead

The film The Night of The Undead has made viewers crave something new in a similar storyline. Fans are looking forward to the release of the second part of the film. However, there has been no update from the filmmakers regarding the making of the second part. And even if they plan to do so, the makers are very secretive about it and no one knows what really happened. So fans can now only hope that the creators release almost the same update soon.

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