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Amazon Prime’s latest release, Small Beautiful Things Map is winning hearts all over the world. Science fiction films easily mix romance and make it come true. Undoubtedly, Small Beautiful Things Map received a good reception, both from fans and critics. Therefore, we decided to cancel our own review of the film. And a few more details won’t hurt all the movie lovers out there. Furthermore, we hope to convince you to witness this beauty as soon as you finish reading this article. So, let’s move on.

The Map Of Pretty Things is an American science fiction romantic comedy drama. This new film is being made by the director, Ian Samuels. While the scenario was written by Lev Grossman. This film is based on the story by Grossman of the same name. It makes its debut on February 12, 2021, on Prime Video. You can watch here.

Akiva Goldsman (A Beautiful Mind), Ashley Fox, Aaron Ryder (Donnie Darko, The Prestige), and Gregory Lessans serve as film producers. It stars Kathryn Newton and Kyle Allen in the lead roles. Newton was previously seen in many projects. However, popular ones include shows such as The Society and Big Little Lies. You can watch both Netflix and Disney Hotstar. However, for Allen, this film marked his first major project. And luckily, that’s great.

Let’s attract your interest more about this film.

Map of Beautiful Things “The Perfect Groundhog Day Movie”

Map of Beautiful Things covers almost any genre that then blends beautifully into the film. From science to romance to comedy, this film covers all areas perfectly. Everything about movies makes us want to follow the map and enjoy the beautiful little things in life.

Hi! It’s a beautiful film. Starting with Mark (Kyle Allen) who just finished his father’s crossword puzzle. And as it turned out, Mark had a different set of priorities. Instead of attending his sister’s football games, she loves helping people. What’s more, Mark is always one step ahead of everyone and everything. But that’s not the case.

Beautiful Things Map Review

Kathryn Newton and Kyle Allen

Mark also had the same day over and over again. It looks like she is Jessica Rothe from Happy Death Day excluding the murder. But his life changes when he realizes that someone else, Margaret (Kathryn Newton) is also stuck with him in the loop of time. The two then decide to make a map by following every little thing that happens to them on the same day. For example, an eagle trying to catch a fish or a person trying to master the piano.

Mark ends up falling for Margaret, however, things don’t go as well as Margaret’s ‘friend zone’. And another boy added to the story that took Margaret away from Mark. Finally? Don’t give yourself any spoilers now. But, believe me, it’s good to see two people fall in love while having the same day.

The Map Of Pretty Things – Review

Everything has flaws and so too Map of Beautiful Things. But, those imperfections make us like him even more. Ian Samuels targeted the right audience for his film. Young people and adults alike can feel the warmth and depth of the film, making it the perfect “Groundhog day” surprise for teenagers.

Beautiful Things Map Review

Kathryn Newton and Kyle Allen in The Map of Pretty Things (2021)

The film also holds a good 80% score on Rotten Tomatoes. Some of them also described the film as rushed – trying to show it all at once, which is the lowest point of the film. But, from a cinephile perspective, it is very suitable to be enjoyed during Valentine’s Week. And according to him someone would love to watch it with their partner.

The film also stars Josh Hamilton, Anna Mikami, Cleo Fraser, Jermaine Harris, Al Madrigal, and Jorja Fox.

Until then, stay tuned, and keep reading to find out more about all the Hollywood Buzz, and your favorite movies and shows.

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