The Last Of Us TV Series All Set for HBO Originals – Info

Game The Last Of Us has made history as one of the best games on PS4. The story, the gameplay, everything, in general, is really amazing. No game lately has made us cry that easily. Naughty Dog does an epic job with storytelling. We can go on and on, and that’s too good.

It’s not uncommon for big games to come up with great narratives and incredible gameplay to support them. All these amazing aspects make The Last Of Us a must-experience. Now for those of you who don’t understand how great the story is, HBO will be adapting the narrative into a TV series. This TV series announcement and casting news made the internet go wild, let’s learn more.

Before we get into the details of an upcoming event, we just want to let the gaming community know that this isn’t the only game project making it to the big screen. Naughty Dog and Sony are working on the Uncharted film with Tom Holland at the forefront.

The Last Of Us – Series

The announcement came swiftly and progress was very fast. 2 major roles have been cast and it’s just a game waiting from now on.

Last Pictures From Us

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Craig Mazin will lead the series, he is also the one who created and gave us the epic Chernobyl series. Neil Druckman, writer and game creator will also lead this project.

When they talked about the plot about the game, the creators stated that it will stay true to the game. The story will be based on the first game, starting from the origin of 2 characters. They also stated that a lot could be added just to give things a bit more depth because games and TV shows are so different in terms of storylines.

But they made sure to say that they won’t change or remove any aspect of the story the game has put out, they will just add to it. This is a huge relief for many fans as TV shows and movies based on games usually have a really bad reputation, this is mainly because they completely change the game’s narrative and put a whole new spin on it.


Skip this section if you don’t want any spoilers at all. We’ll just run through the basic setup. The modern mushroom epidemic has erupted worldwide and has destroyed nearly all of humanity. We follow Joel’s life as a smuggler when he is assigned to escort a young girl named Ellie.

They both have to make a perilous journey through what’s left of the United States. Plague is no ordinary catastrophe, it has given birth to some very dangerous elements. Survival of the fittest is in action here, as a ride on an emotional roller coaster makes this game an experience of a lifetime.


Pedro Pascal

Pedro Pascal will play Joel

So who will play these 2 iconic roles? The casting was done and from our eyes, it was perfect. Pedro Pascal from the Mandalorian series will play Joel and Bella Ramsey from Game Of Thrones, fame will play Ellie. Pedro Pascal is getting more and more famous lately. The Mandalorian has become a cult classic all around, it’s a must-watch for every Star Wars fan. Also if you like cute things Baby Yoda will make you happy in no time. Pascal also played Maxwell Lord in the new Wonder Woman 1984 film.

Bella Ramsey

Bella Ramsey will play Ellie

Now that people know Ramsey from her role on Game Of Thrones, she played Lyanna Mormont. He also appeared in His Dark Materials.

Release date

So far there’s no confirmation on a release date, but with the show booked straight into the series, we can probably expect to see the show sometime in 2022 or the end of 2021 if we’re lucky.

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