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The Journey, perhaps one of the most diverse and different anime films. The Journey is a film that brings Japan and Saudi Arabia together. Toei Animation has collaborated with Manga Productions in Saudi to produce and distribute the film with Manga Productions which funds the film and owns the distribution rights. So what is this film about? Let’s dive into that.

This film tells the story of Aws, a potter with a mysterious dark past who joins a battle to protect his city and country. Apart from that, not much has been revealed about the plot of the story. All we know is big names like Toru Furuya. Toru is the voice of Tuxedo Mask in the Sailor Moon series and Yamcha in the Dragon Ball series. He played the role of Aws, the main character himself.

Opposite, we have Kotono Mitsuishi, amazingly, the voice of Usagi Tsukino is better known as Sailor Moon herself. So the on-screen chemistry of the voices of the two who have played the characters together before is something to watch out for. For those who don’t realize it, Tuxedo Mask and Usagi are the main love interests of the Sailor Moon saga and also a great couple to watch on screen.

Toru Furuya

Toru Furuya

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Supporting character

Hiroshi Kamiya

Hiroshi Kamiya

Another important character called Zurara is played by Hiroshi Kamiya, the voice actor is none other than the beloved captain Levi from Attack on Titan. So without saying much, The Journey is an anime that has a cast of very strong actors voicing their voices for the characters.

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In addition, there is Yuichi Nakamura who plays the role of a character named Nizar. Yuichi is best known for playing the roles of Mumen Rider in One Punch Man and Gray Fullbuster in the Fairy Tale series. In addition, he also voiced Japanese for Captain America from Marvel Movies and the voice of Liam Hemsworth from Hunger Games Films.

Fans will also be happy to know that the voice of Roronoa Zoro One Piece is also the cast of this film. Kazuya Nakai, outstanding actor who won the 5th Best Supporting Actor Awardth The Seiyu Awards play the role of a character named Musab. These characters mark the opening of a new dimension for these actors as well as fans who have grown up watching traditional Japanese anime.

Travel Release and Production Dates

The film was originally intended to premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in 2020 but due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, it had to be canceled. The story is based on Arabic Folklore such as Toei’s previous collaboration and Manga Production, The Woodcutter’s Treasure. This is a 22-minute short film production type sponsored by the Prince Mohammed bin Salman “Misk” Foundation which is affiliated with Manga Productions.

The Journey is about Manga Production’s goal of spreading Arabic folk tales around the world. This is why they are trying to get more work done in collaboration with Japan and the anime industry. These stories are far removed from traditional Japanese anime in that they are not based on manga or light novels at all. The Anime Journey film will now be released this summer of 2021.

Director and Writer

Kobun Shizuno

Kobun Shizuno

The teaser trailer was first released at the Berlinale Film Festival in Germany and has been praised for the creative efforts shown by the Saudi artist and the production house itself. Really, it’s a very mixed effect because very few people have heard of Arabic anime. Having a relationship with a famous production house like Toei only gave him a bigger platform to look at.

The film will be directed by Kobun Shizuno, the director of the Detective Conan film who follows a young detective with spectacular intelligence. Conan is one of the longest running anime of all time and is also very well known in Japan and abroad.

The script was written by the talented scriptwriter Atsuhiro Tomioka who had previously written various Pokemon and One Piece films which received wide acclaim and applause throughout the anime community with these two anime being very popular fans.

More details are still awaited regarding the film but rest assured, as soon as we find out more, we’ll let you know. Tell us in the comments what you’d like to know about this film apart from the plot details.

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