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Ahaa! Valentine’s Day specials coming from Amazon Prime. Yes, The Map Of Tiny Perfect Things is indeed a love letter that comes from the OTT Platform. Directed by Ian Samuels, the film is a sci-fi romance drama born out of a short story of the same name. Released on February 12, 2021, this film stars Kathryn Newton and Kyle Allen in the lead roles. Two teenagers who are trapped in a circle of time live together. This film received mixed responses. Overall, it was praised for its jovial and playful nature. The actors’ heartfelt charm and storyline serve as a great lazy watch for Valentine’s Day Week.

The Map Of Tiny Perfect Things follows the story of Margaret and Mark. The latter realizes that he is trapped on the same day, forever bringing him back to life. He lives on and tries to find a way to cut ties until he meets Margaret. Just like him, he is also part of the same time circle. With a romance filled with fun storylines adapted to Sci-fi, there are things left that need answers. Some of them still question the possibility of the phenomenon mentioned in the film. So here we break down what really happened in Amazon Original “The Map Of Tiny Perfect Things”.

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The Base For The Perfect Small Object Map

Map of Perfect Little Things - Ends and Discussion

Just like every other time loop film, The Map Of Tiny Perfect Things also follows the same goal as its main character. It’s out of time laps. Two main characters of very different personas are introduced. First, Mark is played by Kyle Allen, a total bookworm. Then, Margaret, played by Kathryn Newton, is a complete genius. Just like other films, yes Groundhog too, which is mentioned in this film when Mark discusses his situation with his best friend, this film also involves the two characters looking for a way to get out of the constant circle until they find each other and realize the right key to breaking the circle .

Margaret Is The Reason Behind the Cycle of Time

So, as soon as Mark and Margaret run into each other, there are a number of ways the couple can try to cut ties. They even tried international dating in Japan. Only with Margaret resigning at the last moment from each time they tried a new method. That’s when Mark realized that a secret was being hidden from him. Maybe he didn’t want this lap of time to break up.

Map of Perfect Little Things - Ends and Discussion

So, if you’ve watched the film, Margaret finally admits how she might be the reason behind the time loop. Margaret admits that she hopes in the universe that tomorrow will never come. Especially because his mother had cancer, and he was living on for days. On Mark’s side, it hit him hard. He immediately realized how much his life had always been perfect and how Margaret had struggled to keep her loved ones by his side.

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Mark Is The Key To Out Of Time Circle

Okay, one obvious problem is Margaret is the man behind the laps of time. He wished the universe for it, and it was fulfilled. The unanswered question is if it’s all about him and his mother, then why was Mark being pulled? Mark is, of course, overshadowed by Margaret’s story and how she fits into the circle made for Margaret and her mother is still being bugged by many.

Initially, Mark is introduced as a person who resides in his own universe until the time loop strikes, and he is trapped in someone else’s universe. Why was he chosen is still a mystery? Is she a random partner or just a personality opposite to her? Was he a crush who Margaret adored? Maybe so, there were a number of possibilities still unanswered, but he was definitely the key to the lap of time.

Map of Perfect Little Things - Ends and Discussion

Margaret immediately realized Mark’s part in her circle when she played video games with Henry, a friend of Mark. That’s when he realized that there were things he needed to let go of and he couldn’t spend time fixing them. The universe gave Margaret enough time to say goodbye to her loved ones and welcome someone new to her life. Someone who can give her all the happiness she deserves.

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The End Of The Map Of Perfect Little Things

Map of Perfect Little Things - Ends and Discussion

Realizing the key to breaking the circle, Margaret decides to let go of the things that need to remain broken. He visits the hospital to say a final goodbye to his mother. Finally came to terms with his death. Then she left the hospital to find Mark sitting by the pool and kissing her. He admits everything, and instead of fixing something, he creates something new in that moment.

Margaret’s acceptance and her plans were successful. The clock, which was supposed to be reset to rain at midnight, kept burning. The day just started breaking the circle. A funny ending to the story of Mark and Margarett. Now, the question of why Mark was chosen will still bother us. But maybe she is the only one given Margaret that the universe has chosen her. Sweet and cute ending.

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