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The Equalizer Season 1 has been a highly anticipated show among fans who have fallen in love with the franchise. The series’ genre is both crime and drama, and it first came out on CBS on January 7, 2021. Previously, we had a film set in the world of Equalizer in 2014, and then had a sequel later in 2018. It’s actually a reboot of the series with the name the same one. The Equalizer has adapted the plot from the book of the same name and has been written by Michael Sloan and Richard Lindheim. Andrew W. Marlowe, along with Terri Edda Miller.

During this time, the show was produced by Zoe Robyn and Meredith Mills. The main plot features Robyn McCall, who has a daughter named Delilah. She has raised this child on her own and is a very enigmatic mother. Now, we see that Robyn also helps everyone who doesn’t know where to go with her various skills. In this way, he lived his own redemption while becoming an angel and protector for all those who were unable to defend themselves.


Recap Equalizer Season 1

To date, we have had two episodes in the series, but the audience is going crazy because of the plot. The show has a heartwarming concept filled with kindness that makes one feel good. Another major part of the success of the series is the extraordinary cast members they employ. In the show, we watched actress Queen Latifah reprise the role of Robyn McCall, also known as, The Equalizer. Then there is Tory Kittles who plays the character Marcus Dante. He’s a detective in the New York Police Department and ready to find out Robyn. Then there’s Adam Goldberg who plays the role of Harry Keshegian. He is Melody’s husband as well as a reliable hacker.

She was able to prove to everyone that she was dead because Robyn helped her. Liza Lapira reprises the role of Melody Mel Bayani. He was a sniper in the Air Force. Later, he quit his job and is now a bar owner. He has been a friend of Robyn since they worked. Laya DeLeon Hayes plays the character Delilah McCall. She is the daughter of Robyn, who is 15 years old. Lorraine Toussaint played Viola Marsette, or as we know her popularly, as Aunt Vi. He is a very wise and honest person. She lives with Robyn and her teenage daughter. Chris Noth will reprise the role of William Bishop.

The Equalizer Season 1 Episode 3 Release Date

As the show started, we watched Robyn McCall work at The Company. This is an illegal department that works for the United States government. As we can see, he was bored with the work he had to do and because of that, left his job. She decided to properly raise her daughter, namely Delilah. One night, as he was passing through town, he recognized a teenage girl and saved her from being raped. This girl named Jewel Machado is actually a suspect in the murder of a lawyer named Chance Kovak. Melody and Harry are old friends of Robyn, and he calls them to hide Jewel. Because of this, he started his job and finally found out about the real killer who had killed the lawyer.

These people are caught by Marcus Dante, the NYPD police detective Robyn meets because he is posing as a lawyer for Jewel. Then we saw him create a website and offer to help anyone who had a chance against them. Hence, her work starts from here when she starts helping everyone who requests her on her site. In the latest episode, Robyn received a request from a woman whose son was kidnapped. He overcame this problem with all his heart and was finally able to solve it. The release date for Equalizer season 1 episode 3 has been scheduled for February 21, 2021.

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