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Devil Below is a 2021 horror thriller directed by Bradley Parker. Screenplay written by Eric Scherbath and Stefan Jaworski. It stars Alicia Sanz, Adan Canto, Zach Avery, Chinaza Uche, Jonathan Sadowski, and Will Paton. The film is a survival horror film. It follows a group of researchers who also specialize in remote area exploration. They decided to visit a remote place in the Appalachian mountains. Shookum Hill, where they went to study the mines, was once an abandoned city due to a mysterious coal mine fire. Critical reception of the film was largely cold. It’s one of those creature movies that doesn’t do anything different but if you don’t discuss it with a lot of hope, you won’t be disappointed.

The cast does a pretty good job of acting out goofy decisions and figurative innuendo with sufficient genre exclusivity. Will Patton is the only recognizable actor among the entire cast here. This film stays true to its genre, as it doesn’t do anything challenging, daring, or special. But there are certain times when things get claustrophobic done right. Well, for the most part, the film seems to get its atmosphere from how low the light is. That said, during this film’s dry season, it makes for a fun silly watch. If you can withstand this shabby-production film that’s too dark, get your popcorn ready. Now let’s discuss the plot and synopsis.

The Under-Ended Demon's Explanation

Will Patton as Schuttman on The Devil Below (2021).

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Devil Below – Plot Details and Synopsis

The film begins with the threatening landscape of the Appalachian mountains of the 1970s. We see the owner of a coal mine (Will Patton) who can do nothing but watch his son be dragged away and cruelly adored by a mysterious creature. The creature was bi-ped and moved as if it was running away. Jumping to the present time, we met a team of 5 researchers and adventure amateurs. They arrived in a remote place among the Appalachian mountains to find a small mining town. This mining town, called Shookun Hill, is said to have been abandoned overnight drying up in the 70s.

On their way to discovering this city, we overheard expository discussions about it, in the middle of the team. The city is said to have disappeared along with a population of +1000 people. The team is currently searching the city to see if the rumors about the burning fire in the coal mine are true or not. The team is led by the conspiratorial adventurer Darren Atkins (Adan Canto). He believed that the reason behind the fire and its mystery must have been a rare, profitable ingredient. Her sparkling confidence was not shared by the other members.

Open the Gates to Hell and the Horror of Survival Begins

The group finally arrived at where Shookum Hill was supposed to be at one time. They searched for possible remnants of the old city. They are also looking for coal mines. Finally, they found an underground cave. However, the entrance was blocked by some kind of electric shutoff. The team manages to deactivate it and sends a probe inside. As they were observing the probe readings, Dale was suddenly dragged into the cave. The team tried and failed to save him.

Alicia Sanz and her players.

A group of researchers embark on an expedition to find a mysterious abandoned city.

The group then fled and met a group of local residents who took them to Schuttman (Will Patton). He seems to be the leader of the local population trying to hold the monsters within the city. The group realized that opening the entrance to the cave had opened a new can of worms, yes, monsters. The rest of the film is played out like all other survival horror. Monsters crept in, ensnared, and chewed on humans as they made stupid decisions.

Devil Below End

In the end, only two members of the group remained – Darren and Arianne. But soon they were caught by the creature too. They are taken to the creature’s underground house. After coming to their senses, they found themselves paralyzed and monsters gathered around them. The two of them also meet Shawn there, who tells them a little about the creature. He told them how these creatures were species like ants, which formed colonies. Shortly thereafter, Shawn was picked up by a monster which fed him a giant monster. Meanwhile, Darren sees a grenade lying nearby, and gives it to Arianne.

Just as she was about to be fed to the giant, Arianne threw a grenade in its mouth. When the inside exploded, the two of them fled. However, one monster managed to grab Darren. He then sacrificed himself to let Arianne escape. Meanwhile, outside the cave, Schuttman and his men stop the monster with firepower. Arianne prepares to leave but is asked by Schuttman to stay and help fight the creature. Reluctant at first, he agreed and left with Schuttman and the others. As the film ends, we see a large gate around the city with a large key on it. This indicates that the battle between the monsters and the local people has been going on for a long time. And it probably won’t stop any time soon.

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