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The Bluff is a new Netflix big-budget action drama in the works, which will kick off Zoe Saldana. The film was produced by the directing duo of brothers Anthony Russo and Joe Russo. It will be directed by Frank E. Flowers, who previously worked with Saldana for Haven, in 2004. The screenplay for the film will be co-written by Flowers and Joe Bellarani. The film will be co-produced by the Russo brothers and the Saldana brothers. Anthony and Joe Russo together with Mike Larocca and Angela Russo will produce it for their production company AGBO. Meanwhile, Zoe’s sisters Mariel and Corie Saldana are producing films for their production company Cinestar. This film has started to attract interest because this project is supported by the Russo brothers.

Netflix has apparently won an intense auction for the rights to The Bluff. The streaming platform took part in the hot offer and came out the winner. Winning bids are closed with a seven-figure bug. And if that’s any indication, this IP seems somewhat advantageous. According to Deadline, the auction saw many streaming giants interested in acquiring it. However, Netflix has finally won and now the preliminary work has begun. Although preproduction has already started, the film won’t hit theaters anytime soon. Considering the estimated portions of a large budget set, it could take a year or more before appearing on the screen. This project is also being prepared as a Zoe Saldana vehicle. With this film, the stars of Avatar and GOTG have solidified their position as a big name in Hollywood.

The Bluff Movie Saldana brothers

The Saldana brothers and their production company Cinestar

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The Bluff – Plot and Cast Details


The Bluff reportedly revolves around pirates in the Caribbean. Per Deadline, the film will be set in the Cayman Islands in the 1800s. Zoe Saldana will play a Caribbean woman named Ercell. The island is attacked by vicious pirates and its past identity is revealed. The film is reportedly a mix of visceral action and historical fiction. It will also be a strong, woman-led hyper-action extravaganza. Evidently, the audience was enjoying a cinematic adrenaline treat. Zoe will be supported by other strong women in important roles as well.


Apart from Saldana, there is still no confirmation about the other cast members. Saldana’s star vehicle will make him fight savage pirates in a high octane action spectacle. The script for this film is currently being written. Until now there has been no announcement regarding the production date. If we speculate, Saldana’s character seems to have had a violent past or a buried history with pirates. It will be interesting to see how that aspect of the story plays out.

The Bluff appears to be a project with significant potential

Considering the film’s premise and the names attached to it, this is definitely a promising project. Producers Anthony and Joe Russo became popular with a relatively small time project recently. After the massive success of Avengers: Endgame, the duo doesn’t want the brakes any time soon. On top of that, Saldana has the star power needed to push the film’s numbers up the box-office charts. The premise has the potential to be a wild mix of drama and a series of big battles.

The Bluff – Release date

Plot details show an expensive action film. Naturally, it will take a lot of time and effort. And with the current state of affairs around the world, that will only push the release date even further. The Covid-19 pandemic has halted and postponed film production for so many studios. With the vaccine still not in sight, the film’s release date can only be guessed by everyone.

The Russo brothers

The Russo brothers will produce the film together with the Saldana brothers.

With the project recently given the green light by Netflix, the date is still unclear at this time. Both Bunga and Bellarani were busy writing for other projects. The manuscript is still in its early stages and the production date hasn’t even been set. To estimate the data given, the film’s release date is quite far away for now. Zoe Saldana, the film’s main character, already has four Avatar sequels in her bag. Additionally, he is also in the cast of the upcoming David O Russell film. Suffice it to say, he has too many projects in his bag right now. Viewers can expect The Bluff to hit theaters anywhere from 2022 to 2023.

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