The Blacklist Season 8 Episode 7: Release Date, Preview, and Recap – Info

It’s only been a week since we’ve seen the eighth episode of The Blacklist under the title The Wellstone Agency. Our team members, in this episode, are trying to their fullest potential to do the given task. That’s when we saw Aram asking Cooper to do undercover work. Because of this, Aramaic got to work and reinvented itself as a sign language detector. He belongs to a group of people whose job it is to provide some illegal services to all criminals. Well, just like the Corona Virus, we have the West Nile Virus in this story plot. Glen Carter is the man who has now been diagnosed with this deadly disease and has died. Redington received the news about it, and immediately his mood changed.

Because of her love for Glen, she planned a memorial for him. Dembe and Huey Lewis helped him through his grief and his ministry. Later, Alina came to find out that her friend had died. It all happened because of a fire caused by burning. This situation really got into his head, and he couldn’t stop being angry and sad at the same time. Due to his sudden excitement in emotional turmoil, he takes all responsibility into his own hands and sets out on a journey to find his killer. Now, let’s just wait for the next episode of The Blacklist season 8, which is the seventh. Here we’ve put together all the information you should know about the same show as well as the upcoming episodes.

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The Blacklist Season 8 Episode 7 Release Date

The first and foremost thing about an upcoming episode is, of course, the release date. Every fan must be curious about the latest episode. Blacklist season 8 episode 7 will come out on NBC on February 19, 2021. The time slot will be the same as the previous episode at 8 p.m., according to Eastern Time. The upcoming episode is titled Chemical Mary. The plot will continue from the point in time that was left earlier. Regarding the plot, NBC was polite enough to break down the synopsis for the series. In the upcoming episode, we will see our entire team trying to prevent any possible damage the two blacklists might cause. Here we have added a promotional video as well so that you can understand the concept of the new episode better.

We watched that Liz grew up near Reddington but tried to plot a plan against him with Katarina Rostova. Then in the second episode, the true secret of Redington is revealed, and Katrina and Liz’s plans finally come to an end. Redington’s secret is actually revealed by Dom, Liz’s grandfather, who is kidnapped by Katarina. All this time, what Liz had done was troublesome and chaotic. This made the entire team, including Ressler, have to deal with the damage. Liz was devastated after her mother died, and because of this, she even resigned from her job at the FBI. Although, the rest of the group tries to track him down as he plans a new plot to get revenge against Redington. But, as we saw, Liz could potentially fail to kill Redington and thus, reach out to Ressler.

The Blacklist Season 8 Episode 7 – Cast and characters

Liz literally becomes a super villain in the middle of the show and tries to find out more about Reddington to turn her own people against her. The series is quite popular with fans because it has a really beautiful story that keeps the audience engaged until the end. Another fact that helped The Blacklist’s success were the ensemble players they employed. The list includes James Spader reprising the role of Raymond Redington. Then there is Megan Boone who plays the character Elizabeth Keen. Then Diego Klattenhoff is set to play the role of Donald Ressler. Harry Lennix reprises the role of Harold Cooper. Amir Arison plays Aram Majtabai. Then there’s Laura Sohn reprising the role of Alina Park. Hisham Tawfiq plays the character Dembe Zuma.

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