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Netflix’s The Big Day may have good plans for its collection and see success long before it. Let’s be honest with the genre of romance documentary that Netflix has been giving us for some time; The Great Day has gone much better than most of the other days. The shows are quite adorable and visually beautiful. Originating from Condé Nast India, the series releases its first season as in Collection 1 on Valentine’s Day. Despite mixed reviews, the event attracted attention as it covered various types of “Fat Indian Weddings.” Plus, how the multibillion dollar Indian Wedding Industry works to satisfy their clients who are about to start a whole new life.

Netflix’s The Big Day recently returned for a second season such as Collection Two on April 7, 2021. Only two months later since releasing its first collection. As noted above, the creators saw success long beforehand as the show topped the OTT Platform audience charts. Now the question remains, at this pace will The Big Day return with a third collection sooner than expected? Let’s see.

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Big Day: Collection Release Date 3

Will Netflix's Big Day Come for Season 3?

Still From The Official Trailer Of The Big Day: Collection Two

If there is “The Big Day: Collection Three” on its way, it could be in a few months as before. Even next year too. For now, there is no news. From Netflix, there haven’t been much rumors about whether OTT hopes to update the show for the third run. It looks like the creators already have plans to release the collection later. Of course, it depends on popularity and broadcast, which the show is well-received. So let’s hope.

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What to Expect from The Big Day Collection 3?

We expect Netflix’s The Big Day Collection 3 to follow the usual episode setup. This may once again follow three different Indian couples and their stories of their beautiful and unique marriages, right from before the wedding to different rituals to after the wedding ritual. The series takes cues from and talks with the getting married themselves about how they plan this grand affair and make their event special. This show is a great presentation of what a “big fat wedding” really looks like.

Will Netflix's Big Day Come for Season 3?

Still From The Official Trailer Of The Big Day: Collection Two

After that, the couple’s original plans were notified to the wedding organizer. How the multibillion Indian Wedding Industry fulfills clients’ desires is just another part of the episode that has to be seen.

For the last two collections, the series features 12 different couples telling their marriage stories. Indian wedding culture and rituals are presented as best they can. On the other hand, not each of the pairs shown is Indian. Some were from overseas, while some grew up overseas and decided to embrace the Indian Marriage system. So many are like this, we might see more different Big Chubby Indian Weddings and their stories if there was a third collection on the way.

Due to the pandemic, The Big Day spent a lot of time in the post-production process. It took nearly 17 months for the series to complete its final touches before handing it over to Netflix for release. So let’s hope we’ll get some more. Until then, you can stream both The Big Day collections on Netflix.

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Big Day Show Creator

Anita Horam plays the showrunner for the series, with both collections still intact. Ashish Sawhney, Aakriti Mehta, Raonak Hathiramani, and Faraz Arif Ansari directed the episode with Nikita Deshpande co-authoring. According to Anita Horam, they did extensive research to put on a show like this. Work started way back in 2018 before its debut in the Netflix OTT space.

Will Netflix's Big Day Come for Season 3?

Still From The Official Trailer Of The Big Day: Collection Two

Anita Horam reveals that the creator interviewed about 200 couples before narrowing it down to 12. The first collection featured the Divya and Aman, Nikhita and Mukund, Aditya and Gayeti, Pallavi and Rajat, Ami and Nitin, as well as Daniel and Tyrone. On the other hand, The Big Day Collection Two features Nisha and Scott, Irina and Dhruv, Kunwar and Prerna, Divya and Sreejan, as well as Shrutika and Lakshya.

On the other hand, filming lasted for about 4 months, during which different teams were sent to 25 cities around the world. According to Anita Horam, the main focus of the show is to capture authentic and beautiful human stories. Apart from the wedding ceremony, a journey into a whole new life. Human stories and experiences that can relate to an international audience at all.

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