The Aquatope on White Sand Episode 4: Preview and Recap


Fuuka meets a girl who changes her life after meeting the Fortune Teller. Kukuru changes Fuuka’s life by offering her a job and a place to live. Both work together in the same company. Fuuka is a girl who gave up on her dream of becoming an idol after making her name. Let’s discover how Fuuka’s new life continues in a new environment in The Aquatope on White Sand. Kukuru has flashbacks of when he played with penguins at a young age. His parents took him every day to work and played with the penguins.

One day Kukuru’s mother told him to name the penguin because his grandfather allowed it. Kukuru likes the penguins who come here and says he will call him Choko because he likes Chokochoko. His parents told him to shower the penguins with lots of love. Then Kukuru wakes up and realizes that he misses his parents. He looked into the living room and saw Fuuka taking care of her grandparents. The family enjoyed the meal together cooked by Fuuka. Grandma thanks Fuuka for cooking rice and fish.

Kukuru reminds Fuuka that she works late and shouldn’t do all the housework; Fuuka replies that she will arrange it, and Kukuru replies that he has a remedial class. The two decided that they would meet at work, and they both went to school. Kukuru begins to take mathematics seriously and writes assignments with other students. The math teacher told the students that they would leave the class after submitting their work. Kai finished first and told the teacher that they would meet tomorrow.

Previously in The Aquatope on White Sand Episode 3

The math teacher thinks Kukuru takes math seriously, but he disappoints her when she draws a penguin. She tells him his brain is an aquarium and tells him to stop skipping classes or having trouble with graduation. Kukuru replies that he doesn’t mind if he quits because grandpa told him to finish high school. The teacher replies that it will not be easy for him because he knows that he will inherit the aquarium.

Kukuru gets angry and asks the teacher who told him, and he says he heard the rumours. The teacher tugged on Kukuru’s leg for him to study hard. Kukuru challenges the teacher that he will reach greater heights. After school, Kukuru sees the girls near the tennis court playing, and he confronts her. The girl asked him if he was on his way to the aquarium and Kukuru said he was on his way. The girls tell him that they will continue to support him.

Aquatope at White Sand

Aquatope at White Sand

First Penguin

Kukuru told the girls to visit the aquarium if they wanted to support him. He talked about the summer event they would be hosting this year. One of the girls said the summer show would be her date. Kukuru asks her if she has a boyfriend and says he will find her before the summer event. They both love to talk about boys and summer affairs. Meanwhile, at work, grandfather tells Kuuya that he is going home. Kuuya wonders why grandpa left so early, and he replies that he has to pass by somewhere.

They’re talking about getting more staff members as summer is just around the corner. Kuuya is glad that grandpa hired him and says he hasn’t thought about the future. Fuuka helps customers and children who come to see the animals. Fuuka finds the first penguin chain and decides to take one of them. Kuuya entered the room and said that the director made the first penguin. But they didn’t sell well, and the postcards were always sold out. He reminded Fuuka of the extra stock postcard.

Fuuka uses her cell phone to find out about the first penguin and enjoys reading online. Kai starts working with Fuuka and Kukuru, and Kuuya is happy to see Kai. Kuuya comments that Kai is a boy, and Fuuka notices that she has never seen Kuuya smile until today. Then Kukuru noticed that Fuuka put the first penguin chain in her bag, and Fuuka said it helped sell it. Kukuru is happy that Fuuka is useful and says he needs a new challenge in his life.

Release Date of The Aquatope on White Sand Episode 4

Aquatope in the White Sand Episode 4 will be released on 29 July 2021.

Where To Watch Aquatope in White Sand Episode 4?

You can watch Aquatope in the White Sand Episode 4 active online crispy, ANIPLUS, and VRV; You can also view Preview: God Idaten Only Knows Peace Episode 3.


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