The 15 best releases coming to the OTT platform in May 2021

Early Summer 2021 has some great releases in its pocket. There is no denying that the OTT platform has revolutionized the perception of quality entertainment. While the country is still struggling with the Covid-19 pandemic, OTT entertainment is a source of relief. With the available time, internet resources, and of course digital phones, enjoying a good project is nothing new. May 2021 brings with it a major release of the film/web series on the OTT platform. Consisting of various genres and languages, in this article Yo! Vizag mentions several releases impacting OTT during May 2021.

Here are the 15 best releases of May 2021 on the OTT platform:

Milestone #1

The big prize of the OTT platform is the amount of recognition that regional films get. Milestone or Meel Patthar is one of them. Takes us on a journey of a man who is tired of his life. Driving a truck, the means to earn a daily living is the only spark that keeps the fire of his life alive. Movies are a metaphor for how we in everyday life, forget the only meaning of life

Where to Watch – Netflix

#2 Godzilla vs Kong

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic may have caused most fans to miss out on this ambitious project. Godzilla Vs Kong is one of the most anticipated releases. The film did quite well at the box office, given the circumstances. Most Indian fans have not seen this film, which is touted as the best of the franchise.

Where to watch – Book My Show Stream

#3 Bandi Cinema

Lately, Telugu film industry is busy with independent projects. These healthy films present a rollercoaster of emotions. Color Photos, Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi, Agent Sai Srinivasa Athreya, and most recently, Jathi Ratnalu. All of these films create magic on screen. Cinema Badi, directed by Praveen Kandregula, and produced by Raj and DK (The Family Man) is another addition to the list. The film is creating buzz everywhere for itself because of the simple premise it has.

Where to Watch – Netflix

#4 FRIENDS Reunion

One of the most sought after reunions for a sitcom after 15 years, people all over the world are eagerly waiting for a special Friends Reunion. Especially in India where the show has a huge following, there was a lot of hype due to the announcement of Friends Reunion which premiered on Zee5. The sitcom, over the years, has created a generous fan base. The audience reaction was very emotional, as the iconic group returned to the screen after a long time.

Where to Watch – Zee5

#6 Karnan

Mari Selvaraj’s ambitious efforts, Karnan, surprised the audience. Again, the pandemic and regulations made this film appear average at the box office. The film, starring Dhanush, takes on the vexing caste prejudices and social ideals faced by the impoverished sections of Indian society. The film captures never-before-seen cinematic cinematography. Theni Eashwer uses high-contrast, animal colors to give this captivating film the detail it needs

Where to Watch – Amazon Prime Videos

#7 Wonder Woman 1984

Superhero movie fans are eagerly awaiting Gal Gadot’s sequel to Wonder Woman. One of the most anticipated and possibly best OTT releases in May 2021, this DC Extended Universe film focuses on Diana as she tries to adjust to a new world while dealing with the loss of Steve.

Where to Watch – Amazon Prime Videos

Story #8 November

The November story starring Tamannaah is a thriller web series. The series directed by Indhra Subramanian is a classic murder mystery tale. A daughter sets out to investigate a murder in which her father was found. However, what makes the premise interesting is that his father has no recollection of the events that took place. His illness made him forget that. This fun and powerful performance makes for the perfect crime thriller.

Where to Watch – Disney+Hotstar

#9 Army of the Dead

In the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, fresh, action-packed movies are just what we need. Zack Snyder’s Army Of The Dead, starring Dave Bautista, was one of May’s guilt-ridden releases. This film presents a fresh take on the ‘Zombie Apocalypse World’ genre. Spoiler Alert, the zombies from this movie have evolved. They have intelligence. Zack Snyder’s amazing action sequences are here to save the day.

Where to Watch – Netflix

#10 Subway

This limited series is based on a book by Colson Whitehead. The series is set in a utopian historical world. This period drama features the story of people as they unite against slavery imposed by their British masters.

Where to Watch – Amazon Prime Videos

#11 Star Wars: Bad Batch

The animated spin-off series for Star Wars: The Clone Wars since its release in May 2021, has become the most successful franchise. The pilot for the five-episode long series was released on May 4, 2021. A new phase to the cult classic Star Wars series, The Bad Batch has been highly acclaimed by audiences so far.

Where to Watch – Disney+ Hotstar

#12 Minari

2021 Academy Award-winning K-Movie, Minari. Real life depiction of nuclear family; big dream family. This film tells the story of a Korean-American family. The family moves out of their usual comfort zone, to get a part in the ‘Great American Dream’. Minari is a must watch starting May 2021 on OTT. The subtle story rings the bells on what makes a family complete.

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#13 Another Round

Another Round, an Oscar-winning film for Best International Feature Film is a 2020 British comedy-drama. The hilarious film brings a sense of comic relief during the pandemic. In this film, a group of teachers make a crazy deal. They decided to drink alcohol, every day, as a social experiment.

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#14 Love Death + Robot Volume 2

Already signed for the third volume, Love Death + Robots is a science fiction anthology. Bringing to the screen a one of a kind, animated anthology series. It features several mind-bending fantasy stories. Volume 2 of the Emmy Winning series is highly anticipated. The May 14, 2021 release brings some new stories with it.

Where to Watch – Netflix

#15 Kala

Last but not least, Kala, another gem of the Malayalam Industry. Kala is an action-packed thriller. Not made for the weak of heart. Kala seeps into the darker realms of human emotion. Akhil George’s cinematography attracts attention until the end. The Telugu month dub will be released in the first week of June. Telugu version will stream on Aha.

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