That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Season 2 Episode 8: Release Date, Spoiler, and Recap – Info

The battle between Hinata and Rmuru continued as the two landed the final blow. Hinata attacks with Dead-End Rainbow. Rimuru releases Glattony, and the Dead-End Ran arc is canceled. Hinata jumped away, watching Rimuru transform into his monster form. Hinata’s sword was swallowed, and she concluded that she was going to kill Rimuru. Hinata attacked with an Astral Bind which Rimuru deflected.

Hinata comments that Rimuru is soulless, and he will try several attacks to stop him. He unleashed a summoned spirit that was bitten by Rimuru’s 3-headed monster. Hinata released the Disintegration that sealed everything, and she thought that she had defeated Rimuru. She commented that she had taken revenge on her teacher CZ. Hinata left the battlefield smiling. Rimuru was nowhere to be found.

Episode 8 will be aired on Tuesday, February 23, 2021, at 11:00 JST officially Crunchyroll and Funimation. Please read the latest updates from the battle of Rimuru and Hinata here on That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Season 2 Episode 7.

Previously in Episode 7

Rimuru came out from where he was hiding after realizing that Hinata had left. Ranga is happy that they managed to escape from Hinata’s seal. Ranga licked Rimuru in his slime form, and he realized how he tricked Hinata and fled before she knew it. Hinata fought Rimuru’s fake body. Rimuru hid near the grass, watching the battle to the end. Ranga comments that she doesn’t care as long as her master wins and she is alive.

Rimuru replies that he is calling it a draw, but they should hurry and return home. He jumped on top of Ranga and shouted at Tempest. Nothing happened, and they wonder why. The Great Sage reveals that a specific goal is not found. It seemed that Tempest had been isolated from the rest of the world by some kind of barrier. Rimuru asked if there was a place near Tempest they visited. Great Sage quest and they were teleported there.

Rimuru and Ranga run into Souei with another person in the cave. He notices that Souei’s arm is injured, and he asks why. Doctor comes and gives Souei medicine; he drank it, and his arm healed instantly. Rimuru asked what was happening inside Tempest, and they replied that they did not know. The green monster comments that he can’t connect with his men who are heading to town. The doctor stated that Tempest was closed with a barrier.

At that time I Reincarnated as Slime Season 2

At that time I Reincarnated as Slime Season 2

Anti-Magic Area

Soka reveals that Souei was injured when he tried to break the barrier. Rimuru asks who put up the barrier. Souei reveals that it is the human race, the Falmuth Kingdom. They too had started military action, and a large army was heading towards Tempest. Rimuru went with his monster race to the city. When he got there, he touched the barrier and asked the Great Sage to analyze it.

The Great Sage discovered that there was great magic coming from within the barrier, the Anti-Magic Area. Great Sage also said the barrier cast caused the magicule’s density to decrease from outside. Rimuru realized that the magic density was the same as Hinata’s Sacred Field. Greate Sage says that the principle is the same. But its purification ability is weaker, making it an inferior version. It could be countered with the Multilayer Barrier, and Rimuru noticed that it was a two-layer barrier.

Rimuru began to wonder who did this and why he did it. He ordered Souei to find a person capable of breaking through the barrier. He also told them not to get involved in fighting. Rimuru used his strength combined with Ranga and managed to enter the barrier. He reached where the green monsters were and found that they were injured. But doctors are treating their wounds. Rimuri heard Benumaru clashing with someone, and he headed towards it.

Three Rules

At that time I Reincarnated as Slime Season 2

At that time I Reincarnated as Slime Season 2

Benimaru’s battle with Youm and Grucius who protect Myulan. He already beat Youm. When he was about to finish Grucius, Rimuru came and asked him to stop. Benumaru told Rimuru that Myulan was in charge of everything and the barrier in Tempest. Youm and Grucius apologized for protecting Myulan and fighting with her people. They wanted to tell him the reason, and Myulan stopped them from defending him.

He showed Rimuru everything that had happened to his people. Rimuru couldn’t believe that most of the monsters were killed. They told him that humans have no mercy when they kill their kind. Rimuru realized that he had told his country the three rules before he left Tempest. First, it does not attack humans, secondly, there is no fighting among themselves, and thirdly, it does not look down on other races.

Rimuru realized that because they followed those rules, they lost their beloved family and home. Rimuru decided to calm his anger. He asked Myulan to follow him to the meeting room and explain what happened. Myulan revealed everything to Rimuru, who realized that Fulmuth Kindom and the Western Holy Church were behind everything. 4Rimuru knows that the two Kingdoms do not condone the existence of monsters. Myulan reveals that she served under Demon Lord Clayman.

Episode 8 Preview

We’ll meet again and find out what Myulan will reveal about Demon Lord Clayman.

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