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Anime comes with many variations. If you want to watch a cheerful and determined teenager rule the world and beat the impossible villain with a smile, then you choose Shonen. If you want blood, gore and all things dark, you go for the Dark Fantasy genre and if you are looking for great coordination, great teamwork and stunning sports action then your favorite is the Sports Anime genre.

Sports Anime is quite popular among the Otaku community. This can be about any sport from Relay Racing to Volleyball. People love them for their amazing characters, slice-of-life quality, and generally great anime level stories.

So without further ado, here are 10 Sports Anime that you must watch!

10. Yuri on Ice

Yuri on Ice

A figure skating anime about Yuri Katsuki trying to climb the ladder in sports. He followed his idol Victor Nikiforov who eventually became a coach for his competition in the Figure Skating Grand Prix. Yuri is a very competitive individual but she also gets angry easily. Facing failure, he could easily go into a period of depression and torment himself with these sad feelings. He’s also quite anxious. This makes the main character very impressive because he resembles real-life people with a high drive for success. This anime is also well-known for its unique depiction of homosexuality that should be watched out for.

9. Slam Dunk

Slam Dunk anime

As the title suggests, Slam Dunk is a basketball anime about a teenager named Hanamichi Sakuragi who joins his high school basketball team to attract a girl’s attention. What started out as a way to impress the person he was looking for quickly became passionate about Hanamichi taking a serious interest in the sport. Now this one is running between 1993-1996, it is a very old school anime but that also makes it a very classic. The animation may not be on par with a new generation show, but the story and characters are still top-notch with an IMDb rating of 8.7. Something you should definitely check out if you love sports anime.

8. Great Closure

Great Windup

Big Windup is a baseball anime about Ren Mihisahi who is the mainstay pitcher on his school baseball team. Ren is a very hardworking person but is hated by his teammates because they think he just made it onto the team. After all, his grandfather was the owner of the school. With continuous defeats at the hands of rival teams, Mihisahi’s confidence in her became even lower. He then joined a different school where a new coach encouraged him to start playing and since then, he has only grown and led his team to many victories.

7. Free!


Free! is an anime about the sport of Swimming. It aired for three seasons from 2013 to 2018. The first two seasons were based on a light novel called High Speed! By Koji Oji. A show with a slice of the elements of life combined with the competitive spirit of sport. It’s about Haruka Nanase, a talented swimmer, who forms a swim team at her school with her friends to challenge their rivals. It has the basic concept of a competition between two school sports teams with many great action and character relationships built and maintained.

6. Hajime No Ippo

Hajime no Ippo
Every consistent anime follower has heard of Hajime No Ippo. Boxing anime about Makunouchi Ippo who rules the world of Boxing to become a professional. The show is hugely popular with an IMDb rating of 8.8. Makunouchi is saved by a boxer when he is beaten by bullies. And his boxing talent was also discovered accidentally by the same boxer. That’s when his journey really started. A must-watch if you want to watch something action-packed and inspiring.

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5. Ping Pong The Animation

Animated Ping Pong

A table tennis anime about childhood friends Peco and Smile who are both members of their high school’s table tennis club. The relationship between these two best friends is amazing to watch even though they have very opposite personalities. This one animation style is a little different from what most anime fans are used to, but still, it’s a great show with great characters and excellent storytelling with an IMDb rating of 8.6.

4. Bamboo Knife

Bamboo Knife

Anime about the sport of Kendo in Japan. This one stands out because the main important character is a woman, not the most dominant male character in sports anime. It started airing on the Funimation channel in 2010. A good show to watch with 26 episodes, this makes it great for a week-long party watching.

3. Ace of Diamond

Ace of Diamond

Another brilliant baseball anime about Eijun Sawamura, a talented pitcher who gets a scholarship offer from a prestigious school for his baseball skills. He got the chance to play in the national team and took home a big win.

2. Kuroko Basketball

Kuroko no Basketball

Kuroko Team

Another great basketball anime about Tetsuya Kuroko, a talented player from a great team who breaks up over time. Now Kuroko and his ally Taiga Kagami are trying to trace back the old team members to reunite the team and bring themselves to the top again. This show promises a lot of adrenaline rush and is full of action with great characters from the start.

1. Haikyuu


Hinata and team

Everyone has heard of the popular sports anime Haikyuu. It’s about a junior high school student Shoyo Hinata who is obsessed with watching national volleyball on TV. He joined the school team but was the only member there and because of that, he spent a lot of time finding interested players and getting them on the team. This is the most popular sports anime currently on the list and probably something every sports anime fan has watched at least once.

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So, those are our recommendations for ten sports anime that you should check out. Is there something we missed? Let us know in the comments.

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