Temptation Island Season 3 Release Date and New Partner – Info

The reboot of the popular 2001 series Temptation Island continues to steal hearts in 2021. The show is currently on its way to its 3rd season, and fans can’t wait to get it live. Season 2 ends in 2020 and season 3 is ready to live on your TV screen. Relationships will be tested again, and hearts will also be broken. So, let’s go ahead and have a look at all the new updates. Luckily, we have all the updates on Temptations Island season 3. Below is everything you need to know!

Temptation Island is an American reality show. The series is a reboot of the original USA network show of the same name. The original version was released in 2001 and ended in 2003 with five seasons. However, now after more than a decade, the show was being repeated to entertain fans. The reboot launched in 2019, and has since completed 2 seasons. Now, everything is ready to release the third one. It debuted in January 2019.

This show tests the compatibility and loyalty of different couples made to live with the single contestants and attractive. When some people join the show to find love after a broken heart, others find meaning in their existing relationships. In short, it’s a great journey and a lot of fun to watch. Season 3 will air soon. So, scroll down, and find out about the release, cast, and more.

Temptation Island Season 3 Release and Cast Dates

Temptation Island season 3 will premiere 16 February 2021. The event will be broadcast on the USA Network at 10 pm ET. So, make sure to bookmark your calendar if you want to see some of the spice and steam on your television screen.

As for the cast, again several couples will participate in the show to test their relationship. Everyone who has ever joined this event has earned online recognition among the audience. And the same thing will happen this time too. According to sources, season 3 will have 4 couples. As well as couples, 23 other single people will also take part in the show – 11 women and 12 men.

Temptation Island Season 3

Temptation Island Season 3 will air soon.

The pairing includes Chelsea Orcutt and Thomas Gipson, Erica Washington and Kendal Kirkland, Kristen Ramos and Julian Allen, and the latter being Erin Smith and Cory Sobczyk. While the others are Grace Hagan, Sophia Perez, Maya Morsi, Katrina Koomen, Lauren “Tula” Poindexter, Alexcys Homan, Isabel Thanmithak, Madilynn “Maddy” Brown, Nicole Ciszak, Lauryn Stewart, Amanda Spain-Butts. And the single man is Alex Alvarez, Dr. Blake Eyres, David Silvia, Rocky Buttery, Evan McFadden, Lex Lindquist, Griffin Libhart, Jesse Stephanos, Juwan Haynes, Shaquille Urie, Tom Triola, and Trent Jespersen.

The original emcee of the original show also repeated his position in the upcoming season. Mark L. Walberg has hosted the show since 2001. And he will be seen one more time.

You can watch the previous season here.

Plot Of Temptation Island Season 3

Just like the previous season, the concept will be the same for the new season. But, the drama, romance, and combat will be fresh. Fans of the show are looking forward to seeing a heartbreaking and newly formed relationship.

Usually four couples take a trip to an exotic island where they get a chance to spend the days with attractive singles. Along the way, they realize the true meaning of their relationship. They assess their compatibility with their current partner and decide whether they have a possible future together or not.

Temptation Island Season 3

Cover of Temptation Island (2019)

Apart from that, this couple also created some boundaries and rules to save their relationship from being damaged. However, season 3 comes with a twist. In the preview, we saw a couple declaring that this season they “have no rules”. This statement is sure to create more drama and storyline this season; make it unforgettable. Some couples make it to the end, and some, unfortunately, say goodbye. But, in the end, they found what they were looking for.

This season the contestants will spend time in Maui, Hawaii.

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