Telugu Uppena Movie Coming to Netflix – Info

Bucchi Babu Sana has written and directed his debut film, Uppena. The film arrived at the theater in Telegu and has established itself as a huge success among those who have watched it. The main genre included in this film is romance as well as drama. Sukumar is in charge of the production of this story together with Naveen Yerneni and Y. Ravi Shanka under the banner of production companies, namely Sukumar Writings and Mythri Movie Maker.

Now, now, the film’s initial release date is set to April 2, 2020, but we all know what went wrong there. The entire world is being engulfed by a pandemic created by the fatal Corona Virus which forces everyone to be locked up. This is why theaters, as well as the entertainment industry, are closed, and we can’t have projects on scheduled dates. But now that it’s 2021 and the situation seems to be getting better, the creators are picking a new, pending release date for Uppena in theaters. The film is out to all fans anticipated on February 12, 2021.

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Uppena Release Date on Netflix

But this isn’t big news, is it? The best part of this film is the success it has made among the audience. With a flourishing romantic scene as well as some useful comedy elements, the creators have created the perfect mix of dramas that Indian audiences love to watch. After analyzing the popularity of Uppena, streaming giants like Netflix are interested in licensing the title to their own platform. This is a good decision because there is still another group of people unable to attend the cinema to watch this beautifully crafted masterpiece due to a virus.

Having movies on an OTT platform as big as Netflix, will help all potential viewers to watch movies from the comfort of their home. But the main question is, when will this film leave the platform? If you are someone who is wondering the same, then we’ve got you covered. The release date for Uppena on Netflix will begin March 26, 2021 or April 2, 2021. One date hasn’t been scheduled yet but we can all wait and see which one turns out to be the right one.

Uppena – What’s the plot?

As for the Uppena tale that everyone seems to be talking about, it is a classic love story that feels straight out of a Shakespearean play. The timeline of this story is set in 2002 where Raayanam is a zamindar who is shown to choose to any extent to save the honor of his name and family. But the person he protected the most was Sangeetha, his daughter whom his peers affectionately called Bebamma. He is a student in college and a kind person. Now, we see that Raayanam is planning to expand his business in the fish trade sector by building shipping shelters in the village and putting all the fishermen to shore. Now, we see that Aasi is the son of a Jalayya fisherman who was helped by Rayaanam and also a Christian but from a lower caste.

This is the turning point of the story when Aasi falls in love with Bebamma and can do anything to be with him. Bebamma began to like Aasi after he put on a show at the bazaar. This is where their romance starts when Aasi leaves every job just to follow Bebamma to college and later, the two will spend time together on the beach. To their horror, the young couple fell in love with each other. But we know how Bebamma’s father was the main antagonist of the story and would never allow his daughter to marry someone from a lower caste. This is why the story is even more interesting to watch when we see Aasi and Bebamma elope with each other and run away. Now, you have to wait until the movie is released on Netflix to find out how this love story will end.

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