Tale Of 1000 Stars Episode 6 Release Date – Preview and Recap

Tale of 1000 stars is a Thai television drama series covering the story of a volunteer teacher who dies in a tragic accident. It has released a total of 5 episodes and the sixth is yet to come. In the previous episode, the scene starts with Dr. Nam took Tian to the city, Tian took his hand out of the car window to feel the wind. This reminds Dr. Nam to Torfun, Dr. Nam tells him about him, even Phupha mentions him when Tian reminds him of him. This brings Tian into a flashback, where Phupha asks him a question about his Torphun badge, Tian replies that maybe he forgot it in the past. Go back to the present as they drove through the hills in a jeep which soon reached Chiang Mai.

Tale Of 1000 Stars Episode 5 Recap

Tale Of 1000 Stars Episode 6

Tale Of 1000 Stars Episode 6

Doctor Nam went to run errands leaving Tian alone. Tian gets a call from Tul, his old friend, he tells him that he came to Mai’s chin to meet her and cut the call. On the other hand, the village Phupha finds out that Tian has gone to the city and is worried about him. Dr. Nam and Tian meet again for lunch at a restaurant, after some small talk, Tian recognizes the big man, who had a fight with him, and he shows them to ask Dr. Nam about their identities, Dr. Nam explained that the big shot was illegal activity, even though he was doing charity, he was smuggling from the forest. Soon after, Dr. Nam finds out that Tian had a fight with him. When they asked for a check, it was already paid for by the guest they discussed.

Dr. Nam and Tian were about to leave when Tian got a call from his friend, Tul. Tul and Tian are enjoying together, when they discuss their life, Tian tells about his uncomfortable experience, Tul asks him, does it make sense to live there? He asks if there is anything more than volunteering and the village experience is holding him there, Tian just reveals he is gay and Tul takes it with a pinch of salt, giving an almost unexpected reaction, then Tian tells him about the village chief, and Tul encourages him to told him about his love, but Tian said he was confused whether it was her heart or he wasn’t gay. Soon Tian said goodbye to his friend.

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Tian and the chairman met again when they appeared in Chian Mai in a jeep. Tian and the chairman had some time together, because the chairman missed Tian so much when he left. When they returned to the village, Tian invited Phupha to make kites at school with the children. The head and his officers visit the school, where they reminisce about a time when Ms. Tian was in trouble and won’t stay in the village, but she is now so involved with the villagers that they can’t recognize her new self like the old one. While making kites, Tian learned that the chieftain was good at playing kites, then the chieftain explained that he came from a poor family where making kites and playing were the best activities he could afford. On the lowland hill, the children, the chief, and Tian tried the kite they made, but something unexpected happened to Tian, ​​as he fell with his back to the sky.


Pirapat Watthanasetsiri as Phupha is an army officer who has a cold outer appearance. Sahaphap Wongratch as the Tian Trouble magnet has a heart implant from Torfun, a volunteer teacher. Sarunchana Apisamaimongkol as Torfun Who died, and donated his heart to Tian. Nawat Phumphotingam as Tul. He’s Tian’s best friend. Krittanai Arsalprakit as Nam He, a village doctor.

Tale Of 1000 Stars Episode 6 release date

Tale Of 1000 Stars Episode 6 will be released on March 5, 2021, and you can watch it on GMM25, every Friday at 20.30. So far we know that Tian is still confused about his love for the chief, can he explain himself to the chief? can she come out of the shadows of her familiarity that emanates from the Torun heart transplant. Chief has love for Tian. Will he admit it first? Or would Tian admit his conflicting feelings for the chief? At the end of the episode he passes out, and in the preview of episode 6, it is seen that Tian is waking up in the hospital bed from his sleep. All of our questions will be answered in episode 6, until then we can cross our fingers and wait for the release!

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