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Dragon Ball Super is a manga sequel to the Dragon Ball series written by Toyotaro and supervised by Akira Toriyama. For anyone unfamiliar with the Dragon Ball series, it’s about Goku and his allies fighting against superhuman and alien powers to protect what they care about – their planet. Goku also dreams of becoming the strongest fighter in the entire universe. The manga started publishing in 2015 and is set to release its 70th chapter on March 19, 2021. In this article, we’re going to focus on another important character, right, Granolah.

So, until then, we’ll be talking about the 69th chapter and what’s happening in the arc at this time. The arc is currently known as Granolah The Survivor Saga. Granolah is a famous and powerful character from a series whose entire race was annihilated by the Saiyans, Vegeta’s race. Granolah is ready to take revenge and become the strongest fighter in the universe with the help of the hope-giving Dragon Ball. But will he make it? Let’s find out.

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Beginning of the Arc

Granolah The Survivor Saga, this arc begins in chapter 67 after Moro’s death. We see Jaco assume that the so-called Seven-Three was destroyed when Moro died, leaving behind a huge crater on Earth. Seven-Three is used as a data storage unit. Jaco and Yunba go to a crater on Earth to see if they can find traces of the Seven-Three but can’t. Soon we see Granolah hijack Goichi’s ship and obtain Seven-Three. Goichi had stolen the unit before anyone else could get it. And now, this unit belongs to Granolah.

However, he had no intention of keeping it to himself. It is just a reward for getting quick cash. Granolah lands at Heeter’s Base, where he hands Seven-Three to Elec, Heeter’s leader. Elec tells him about Freiza’s rival, whom Granolah wants to kill so he can finish his quest for revenge. In truth, Elec secretly wanted Granola dead because it would be a problem for him if he got too strong.

Granolah walks cheerfully towards his home planet, Cereal but is ambushed by Soshiru and his men. He beat them with his shooting skills. His colleague, Oatmeal, explains that cereal people have the ability to shoot sharp because of their right eye, so Granolah cannot be taken lightly.

We couldn’t help but be amused by the creator’s choice of name. Oatmeal and Cereals. It would be very sad if we didn’t see any connection between this character and the planet itself.

DBS Chapter 69

Goku and Vegeta

This chapter will be released on February 19, 2021, on schedule. In this chapter, we will take a peek at Granolah and its home planet, Cereals. But before that, let’s talk about what Vegeta and Goku are up to. Beerus has gone through their training and admits that Goku can become an Angel considering he gained a higher level of skill for Ultra Instincts. The same is not true for Vegeta. Beerus suggests that Vegeta learn a technique called Hakai, the power of the God of Destruction.

He reveals he was the one who agreed to Freiza to destroy planet Vegeta in the past. This made Vegeta lose control and pounced on Beerus who deflected him using Hakai. After Vegeta was resolved, he accepted his sin for destroying the planet. And then, he set foot studying Hakai.

Meanwhile, the Oracle Fish speaks in its sleep, revealing that the balance of the universe has shifted and that the strongest warrior is about to arrive. Who are the fish talking about?



The answer to that question could be Granolah himself. We saw him on the planet Cereal which was inhabited by the Sugarians. They accepted him as one of them, but he did not consider them the same. So he moved to the mountains where he could see the ruins of his once majestic city. Granolah runs into Monaito, surprisingly, a Namekian living on the planet Cereal. Now, this part is important. Monaito is a Namekian. He has created Dragon Balls for Planet Cereal. Granolah already has one of them.

If only he could get another Dragon Ball, he would want to be the strongest fighter ever. Unfortunately, no one knows where it is hidden. Even Monaito himself. However, as the days passed, a resigned Granolah reluctantly started his TV only to see that a second Dragon Ball had been found.

He infiltrates an institute that researches Dragon Balls and stole them. Now you can imagine what happened next. Granolah managed to summon the Dragon. And guess what he’s asking for? To become the strongest warrior in the universe.

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