Stowaway Ending Explained: Who Died at the End?


Stowaway is a 2021 sci-fi thriller starring Anna Kendrick, Daniel Dae Kim, Shamier Anderson, and Toni Collette. Joe Penna and Ryan Morrison have written the screenplay. Joe Penna has directed the film. The film will be released digitally on Netflix and Prime Video (in Canada) on April 22, 2021. Hauschka is composing the music while Clement Becker is handling the cinematography. You may know director Joe Penna from his YouTube channel MysteryGuitarMan. This is his second feature film after the 2018 survival thriller Arctic, starring Mads Mikkelsen. The premise of Stowaway follows four people on a ship on a mission to Mars. Initially only three members were on board, but the situation changed when they encountered an accidental stowaway. With their resources running low, they have to face tough decisions. Before we explain what happens at the end of the film, let’s take a look at the plot.

Three crew members are heading to Mars in a spaceship. The crew includes Zoe (Anna Kendrick), Marina (Toni Collette), and David (Daniel Dae Kim). Shortly after takeoff, they discovered the ship had an accidental stowaway. The stowaway is a launch engineer named Michael (Shamier Anderson). They had traveled a long distance before finding the stowaway, and now they cannot return. What’s more, resources are running low. Oxygen is limited and quickly depleted. With their oxygen supply broken, they have to make a grim decision. The entire crew, except for the ship’s medical investigators, has decided that Michael should be executed. They then tried to extract untapped oxygen from the propulsion stage rocket of the launch vehicle. In order to get it back, they have to perform risky EVA surgery. However, another threat, the approaching sun flare, jeopardizes their survival.

The Netflix Stowaway cast

Still image from Stowaway. Credits: Netflix.

Who is in the cast?

Anna Kendrick plays the character Zoe Lebenson in the film. He’s part of a three-man crew headed to Mars. He’s a medical researcher and the only one who disagrees with the crew’s bleak conclusions about Michael’s fate. Toni Collette stars in the film as Marina Barnett, the ship’s commander. Daniel Dae Kim plays David Kim in the film. He was part of the original crew of three and was also a ship biologist. She convinces Michael to commit suicide and also goes to get extra oxygen with Zoe. Finally, Shamier Anderson plays Michael Adams. He is the titular stowaway and launch engineer who accidentally boarded the ship. With sufficient oxygen supply for only three people, the crew, except for Zoe, decided that he should be executed.

Stowaway Ending Explained

David convinces Michael to commit suicide because of running low on oxygen. He then left and decided to try and take extra oxygen along with Zoe. Extra oxygen is stored in the rocket propeller stage of the launch vehicle. However, to pick up oxygen, they had to climb unreliable cables, risking flying into space. Initially, everything went accordingly. They took in oxygen, and now it’s enough for everyone on board, including Michael. However, another threat endangers the crew when an intense solar flare hits. David and Zoe rush back to the ship with one tank of oxygen, but Kendrick slips and falls, losing the tank. The oxygen tank is leaking. Meanwhile, the crew realizes that if the tank is not taken, two people will die instead of one. Zoe offers to sacrifice himself and take it back, saying goodbye to the crew.

Stowaway Netflix Ending Explained

Anna Kendrick as Zoe in Stowaway (2021). Credits: Netflix.

Zoe managed to retrieve the oxygen tank and returned to the ship. But he didn’t get on the ship. The reason is the possibility of the crew being exposed to a solar storm. He stays outside and nods goodbye to Marina through the window of the spaceship. Even though it is now shown this explicitly, it is still quite clear that Zoe died from radiation. He left the oxygen tank on the boat to be picked up by Marina or whomever. Zoe remained outside the ship, sitting and staring into the sky. Her outer garment begins to tear, and she struggles to breathe as she accepts her fate. But the rest of the crew who returned to the ship will now survive because of his sacrifice.

The following is a trailer for the film;

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