Spoilers & Preview: One Piece Episode 972

It has been two years since Oden returned to Wano Land. The battle between the Gecko Pirates and the Animal Kingdom Pirates took place in Ringo. Gecko Moria and Kaido Clash. Meanwhile, Sword God Ryuma’s grave is destroyed. In the flower capital, Oden continued his strip dance every day of the morning. The citizens wonder why Oden does this every day, and Orochi is still the Shogun. One Piece has visited the great war that took place in the Oden era.

They wondered why Oden kept embarrassing himself. The capital’s children wanted to dance with Oden, but their parents forbade them. They started calling him the ridiculous king of Kuri. Yasuei receives the news and wonders what happened in the Flower Capital. Yasuie comments that it’s a compliment to call Oden a king. Meanwhile, Oden talked to Kinemon and the others if it was okay to serve him as his follower. They told him they would not leave him alone and they would continue to serve him.

Previously in One Piece Episode 971

Kawamatsu comments that it’s not new for them to see Oden dancing naked. She said they were used to it, and they were not ashamed to decide to leave Oden and his family. Oden comments that he will continue to work on the dance. No one asked why she kept dancing naked, and she never explained to them why. Raizo and Kinemon were the ones who were worried about Oden; Mink encourages him to keep Kuri’s castle alive.

In the morning, Oden came out and danced in the middle of the Flower Capital. The samurai commented that Oden was stupid like his son Momonosuke who was the heir. The villagers laughed at Oden. But Oden didn’t mind because he danced naked to protect them. In the afternoon, Oden sat in his palace while Momonosuke and Hiyori played around. He realized that he had ended up subjecting his family to ridicule. Hiyori and Momo hugged their father and told him they liked his dance. They asked Oden if he wouldn’t train today.

Oden looked at his wife and asked if he wanted to leave her. The entire Land of Wano began to call Oden the Lord of the Sill Kuri. Only his family, followers and some of his supporters will talk to Oden. Oden comes out to meet Boss Hyogoro, and the guards wonder if Oden won’t teach Hgoro his silly dance. They told Oden to stay away, and Hyogoro’s wife came and beat the guards. He welcomed Oden, and they enjoyed drinking together and talking about Orochi. Hyogoro comments that no one wants Orochi to be their leader.

One piece

One piece

Oden and The Akazaya Nine

Three years later, Oden continued, and the old crowd wondered when his nude dancing would stop. He danced on the snow, and the villagers called him a stupid idiot. Raizo heard that and realized that the citizens did not know anything because Oden had a strong reason for his actions. In an instant, four years passed, but nothing had changed in Wano Country. In the fifth year, Orochi made his move; she meets Oden, who informs her that five years have passed and it is time. Orochi replied that it was time for what, and Oden said of the promise he made.

Orochi said he had forgotten and he was still going to build a weapon factory in the Flower Capital. Oden realized that Orochi would not keep his promise. Orochi comments that Hyogoro is too much for him to handle, and he left Hyogoro for Kaido. He revealed that Hyogoro might get killed soon. Orochi reveals that Hyogoro’s wife was shot because she tried to act courageously. He left, telling Oden to look after Momonosuke and Hyori for him.

Oden had carried something on his shoulder alone and told The Akazaya Nine that they could now get Oden and Orochi. Kinemon comments that they have been waiting for him to say that. They went and encountered Kaido and his troops; Oden wondered why they were ready. He suspects there are spies in his crew. Kaido turned into his beast form. A major battle began, and Oden cut Kaido’s army in half with one fell swoop.

One Piece Episode 972 Release Date

One Piece Episode 972 will be released on Sunday, May 2, 2021, at 09.30. You can watch One Piece online at Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Netflix. Find out how Roger was executed here at Spoilers & Preview: One Piece Episode 971.

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