Spoilers & Preview: Navillera Episode 12

Song Kang’s latest drama, Navillera, Unlike Korean dramas in general. It describes the love for ballet between two people of different ages. Unlike other series, this series depicts the struggles and problems and bonds between two people. This drama teaches how a person should pursue the things they love. There will be trouble for everyone on the way. However, the important thing is not to give up and not even try. Navillera features Song Kang and Park In Hwan as the lead roles. One of them is a 70 year old retired postman, and the other is a 23 year old dancer.

In the drama, Song Kang appears in a different role as a hopeless but talented ballet dancer. He appeared in three Korean Dramas since the beginning of the year. At Sweet Home, he is a shy student who fights monsters. In the second season of Love Alarm as a desperate lover. Now, at Navillera as a dancer. Life’s challenges have been accurately depicted in the show. Navillera adapted from the Dayum webtoon version of the same name. The webtoon ran from 2016 to 2017. Now, it gets a television series version after its release on March 22, 2021. Navillera’s upcoming episode will be the last and last of the series. Let’s take a look at the details of the last episode along with a recap of the previous episodes.

Navillera Episode 11: Recap

Navillera Episode 11 begins with Deok-Chool returning home and thinking about telling Hae Nam about the situation. Hae Nam brings up the past and changes the subject, just as Deok-Chool starts talking about his condition. Hae-Nam starts talking about Deok-Chool’s resignation. Next, he asked her to pursue her dream and stay strong no matter the situation. The rest of the family also found out about Deok Chol’s Alzheimer’s. They start discussing what to do for Deok-Chool. However, they want to ask Hae Nam and Deok-Chool what is the best.

Navillera Episode 12 release date

Scene from Navillera where Shim Deok-Chul
dancing ballet (Credit: tvN)

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Shim Eun-ho was against everyone who decided to become a grandfather and thought it would be better for himself to decide. Lee Chae-rok and Shim Eun-ho meet each other, later. Chae-Rok apologizes for not telling him immediately about his grandfather’s condition. However, he also apologized because Chae-Rok had suffered and also took care of him all this time. She also thanked him. However, the main thing that caught the eye was Deok-chul’s persistence in pursuing his dream despite his bad condition. Deok-Chul and Chae-Rok have a bond and a sweet moment between them. Chae-Rok takes a promise from Deok-Chul and asks Deok-Chul to text him about his location after every twenty minutes.

Apart from that, Chae-Rok also promises to recognize Deok-Chul wherever he is or even if he doesn’t know Chae-Rok. Deok-chul continues his training while Seong-gwan with his documentary. Chae-Rok also praises Deok-Chul for his ballet dance, saying that he turns into a good ballerina. The financial setback still interferes with Seong-san’s work. Deok-chul finds out about Seong-San in the newspapers. Seong-gwan and Chae-Rok start to worry after Deok-Chul doesn’t reach the studio for his audition. Deok-chul made it to time for his audition even after meeting his son. He also managed to impress the judges and be part of the upcoming gala.

Navillera Episode 12: Release Date and Preview

The release date for Navillera Episode 12 is April 27, 2021, at 9 p.m. KST on tvN. The series is also available on Netflix to stream. The upcoming episode will have some bitter moments. This is the final and final episode of the series. So, it will end on a good note, although there will be some sad moments. We saw at the end of the last episode how Deok-Chul forgot everything and about his wife on the day of the party. Episode 12 will be shown if he remembers everything and leaves in time for the party or forgets everything. Chae-Rok takes him to the practice room to make him remember. It also needs some effort so that Deok-chul doesn’t get lost anywhere. However, it seems that Deok-chul will forget everything before leaving for the country. But, Chae-Rok will dance with her and try everything to get her memory back.

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