Spoilers & Preview: Fairy Ranmaru Episode 5

The boys in Bar F continue their mission which the Queen has summoned. Peri Ranmaru is also known as Peri Ranmaru: Anata no Kokoro Otasuke Shimasu. In the morning, Juyka meets Ranmaru, and they talk about impressing the Queen. Suddenly they hear a voice, a woman asks for help, the woman screams that someone has taken their bag. Jyuka comments that it’s time to shine, and she takes her hoverboard and chases after the thug.

He jumps the ladder to knock the thug down with his hoverboard, but the cat jumps in his face. Junko realized that this thug was about to run away, and he kicked the hover board which hit the thug’s head. The thug fell unconscious, and they managed to retrieve the bag. The girl thanked Junko for taking it back, and Junko was like, well, that’s my job. The girl reveals that she is Riju Kei from an idol group called Aurora Vikings. He comments that the costume is safe. Jyuka loves to play with the cat that jumps on her face.

Previously in Fairy Ranmaru Episode 4

Jyuka realizes the cat is trying to save Kei, but misses the target and hits Jyuka in the face, But they are happy the culprit has been caught. Ranmaru talked to Kei about his idol job. Kei reveals that she is still a backup dancer, and she thanks Juyka again. Jyuka realizes that her charm hero trick didn’t work before, and she is disappointed that she fell like a child in front of the woman. He comments that he almost looks cool in there. Kei looked at him, and he noticed that he was cute playing with the cat.

He commented very funny, and Juyka thought that his trick worked. Jyuka thought that Kei had fallen in love with her. Kei revealed that he wanted Jyuka to teach him to be cute with cats. She told him to teach him a lesson in cuteness. Jyuka thinks that she’s referring to him, and she comments that she’s not cute. Takara also joins them and comments that he thinks this job is a good fit for Jyuka.

Jyuka comments that she’s no match for that, and Uruu comments that they should help those in need. Jyuka reveals that all he wants is to be cool, and they tell him that he will look cool when he helps girls. Uruu said that it was a mission and duty to help others. Homura is annoyed and comments that “said the one who hit his client”.

Cute Lessons

Fairy Ranmaru

Fairy Ranmaru

Jyuka realizes that Homura and Uruu have endless beef, and she wonders why it should be him. He heads to a nearby shop, and Ranmaru follows him. They visited Kei and found him doing the exercises. Jyuka takes her photo and says that she lacks cuteness. She decides to teach him a lesson in cuteness, and he tells her that the audience would enjoy his performance even more if he relaxed a little.

Jyuka shows her a sign of love and a few poses to suit her cuteness. He tells her to always smile with white teeth, and her face shouldn’t be gloomy or sad. Jyuka gave a lesson in cuteness that stunned her, and her comments were hilarious. The pose is like performing Salsa and Bellarine dances. Kei told him to teach him such a thing, and Rinmaru thought that if Jyuka entered a posing contest, he would not be defeated.

Jyuka taught her everything, and while they were taking a break, she asked why she wanted to be an idol. Kei revealed that he used to be innocent, and no one wanted to hang out with him. She tries to make up her name so that everyone will recognize her when she becomes popular. Kei also revealed that he was the type of person that no one ever noticed or overlooked. One day when he was at the mall, he saw an idol performing and realized it would work out for him. Later, Kei surprised his fans by showing the results of his funny lessons.

Fairy Ranmaru Episode 5 Release Date

Fairy Ranmaru Episode 5 will air on Thursday, May 6, 2021, at 11:00 JST. You can watch Fairy Ranmaru online at Crunchyroll.

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