Spoilers & Preview: Edens Zero Episode 4

Previously, Rebecca Bluegarden and Happy took a trip and visited the Granbell Kingdom. The Granbell Kingdom is a kingdom that was abandoned for centuries. This is an amusement park run by robots; the two of them went there to shoot a video for their online B-Cube channel. They met a boy named Shiki. Shiki has lived in the Granbell Kingdom since childhood. Shiki tries to befriend Rebbeca, but he rejects it because he doesn’t know his motive.

He warns Shiki about trying to make friends with robots. Shiki doesn’t care about the consequences and decides to befriend the robots. Later, Rebbeca discovers the truth about Shiki that he was adopted by his grandfather known as Demon King Ziggy. Shiki failed to fix his grandfather, and Rebbeca realized that was why Shiki wanted to befriend robots. In the morning, the robot starts wreaking havoc and acts aggressively towards Rebecca and Shiki. The rebels feed the robots fake news, and they start to hate humans.

Previously in Edens Zero Episode 3

The robot taunts Shiki that his mechanical skills are weak and he is unable to do anything. The Shiki event shows an automatic repair system that has been kept secret from him. Later, Rebecca realized that Shiki was a good human being and she didn’t mean to hurt the robots. All he wanted to do was make more friends. Rebecca and Happy accept Shiki as their best friend. Shiki learns to use the Gravity Ether Gear. He battles a robot named Castella, who tells Shiki that it is a sin for robots to befriend humans.

Shiki tells Castella that it doesn’t matter who she is, and she uses Gear Ether to protect Happy and Rebecca. He managed to destroy and dominate Castella. After the battle, the robot turned against Shiki because he had destroyed one of their kind. Shiki realizes that fighting is a waste of time. He fled with Rebecca and Happy on an airplane. On his way, he realizes that the robot is his friend, but the rebels ruin his friendship with them because they brainwash the robot.

They traveled on a ship called the Aqua Wing; Rebecca and Happy tell Shiki about their origins and origins from another planet. The robots noticed the ship and wanted to attack it, but their race was exterminated. When Aqua Qing left Mother, saw her and had a vision of Shiki’s future. During their trip, the two got to know Shiki well and told him he was their new bodyguard. They tell Shiki that they are going to the Blue Garden. When they arrived, Shiki became an adventurous guild in Shooting Starlight.

Edens Zero

Edens Zero

Goddess of Mythology

While they are there, Shiki sees the hologram of Mother, who is considered a mythological goddess in outer space. He thought that he had met a mythological goddess in the past. Nobody believed her, and she felt embarrassed for claiming that she had met Mother before. Then happy to go kidnapped by street gang members, and Shiki starts tracking them. Rebbeca also follows and realizes that he has spent his childhood with Happy.

She remembers everything and the day she met Happy. After a long chase, Happy reunites with Rebecca, and she turns into a pair of blasters. The three of them defeat a street gang using a blaster, and space pirate Elsie Crimson discovers that Shiki has arrived at Blue Garden. Elsie started tracking down Shiki, who returned to Shooting Starlight and completed her registration. Adventurers still think Shiki is weak and he is not worthy of being an adventurer.

Shiki decides to prove to them that he is stronger and decides to go find Mother. He thought B-Cuber would help him gather enough evidence about Mother’s whereabouts. The three of them head to the planet Norma where they meet Professor Weisz Steiner. Currently, 20,000 years have passed, and in the future, two astronauts are investigating an empty world. They find two human remains and the B-Cube, which reads Edens Zero.

Edens Zero Episode 4 Release Date

Edens Zero Episode 4 will be out on Sunday, May 2, 2021, at 12:55 JST. You can watch Edens Zero on Netflix. You can find more updates in the video below.

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