Spoilers & Preview: Blue Reflection Ray Episode 4

Ruka recently transferred to another school for family reasons. Then he met Hiori, and they were teleported to a world where the enemy was targeting Miyako. The two evil women used their strength and swung Mayako in the air and took out her fragment. Miyako fell unconscious. He dreamed about when he was young and realized that he used to like sparkling things since he was young. One day, her parents bought her new jewelry, and she dropped it when she wanted to meet her mother.

Right now, Miyako dropped her expensive cellphone while she was still unconscious. He realized that the same mistakes that had happened in the past were repeated. Hiori turns into a heroic form and challenges two evil women who want to destroy Miyako’s life; Ruka watched because she didn’t know about using the ring. They told Hiori to give them a ring and leave from here. Hiori refused and said she wouldn’t leave without Miyako. He tells Ruka to back off as he fights two evil women.

Previously on Blue Reflection Ray Episode 3

Ruka steps back, but she wonders if she can help since it’s a 2v1 fight. Hiori drew her sword and changed the punch with the two evil women. Ruka watched the battle, wondering who the two women were. He realized that he couldn’t just be quiet, but he could do something about it. He looked at the ring and realized that Miyako was suffering. The fragments and flowers that appeared from Miyako’s chest turned black. The two evil women managed to knock Hiori down. They asked him if he was sure he wouldn’t leave Miyako alone.

They told him to stop bragging because he didn’t even know how to use his strength. The blue haired woman told Hiori to look at Ruka, who couldn’t even change. They wonder what kind of hero Ruka is since she can’t even use her ring. They told them to give up because they couldn’t even scratch it. Hiori asked the two women why they attacked them and why they wanted to destroy this city. He asks them if Reflectors are not supposed to protect people and their feelings.

Another woman tells him that there is no need to explain everything to weak girls like them. He released an electric sword beam and attacked Hiori, who used her sword as a shield to block the attack. Hiori startled the woman by parrying her powerful attack with him and smashing their swords. He pushes the woman away and reminds her to know why they caused chaos. The woman asked why she was so determined to fight, and Hiori replied that she couldn’t ignore someone’s suffering.

Blue Reflection Light

Blue Reflection Light


He revealed that it was his job to protect the life and feelings of the weak. The blue haired girl commented that Hiori was showing off her strength and feelings without knowing anything. He was impressed that they might fight an opponent at their level. Another woman comments that they are different from Hiori and have a goal, and to achieve it, they will not be afraid or even despair. The blue haired girl raised her sword and stabbed it into the ground creating a seething evil world.

She told Hiori that she was going to break the depths of her heart. The others tell him that he will make Hiori realize the truth. Black water bubbles covered them as they released their strength. They combined the forces of darkness and electricity that attacked Hiori. Hiori stood firm and blocked the attack, but she started to tremble. She shouts Ruka’s name, and a huge explosion occurs while another girl who has lost her ring meets a Reflector. Ruka takes the girl’s ring, and Reflector tells her that he won’t let her go any further.

Returning to Hiori’s side, she covered Ruka and protected her injured back. The evil ladies realized that their little flowers took a long time to bloom. Ruka noticed that Hiori was injured, and in her state, she might lose this battle. Ruka also changed and started thrashing the two evil women. The women disappeared, and besides, they would come back again. Then Miyoka woke up and realized that she was still alive.

Blue Reflection Ray Episode 4 Release and Preview Date

Blue Reflection Ray Episode will air on Saturday, May 1, 2021, at 1:55 JST. You can watch Blue Reflection Ray online at AnimeLab.

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