Spoiler: The Flash Season 7 Episode 18 (Article ready)


The Flash Season 7 Episode 18 has been highly anticipated as it will be the Season Finale. Fans of the CW show are already starting to make their predictions for next season, and there’s no denying that things are getting pretty tense. We’ll be watching the speedster wars, but before that, Barry and Iris are spending some quality time with their kids from the future. For now, all they could do was spend the time they could live in peace, only to then go to war. In this article, we’ll share everything you need to know before The Flash Season 7 Episode 18 premieres.

When Bart and Nora return to Barry’s timeline, he allows them to stay in the past. For now, he agreed for them to join him in fighting the Godspeed drones. As they target Bart, he explains how he thinks of Godspeed as his Thawne. He had witnessed him kill Jay Garrick, which would have made him angry enough to think of Godspeed as his enemy. Jay Garrick was someone who would let Bart act on his impulses. This creates a bond between the two. So, personally, even Bart Allen has a bone to pick from at God’s speed and wants to take it down alone.

Spoiler for The Flash Season 7 Episode 18

Bart Allen.

Recap The Flash Season 7 Episode 17

As the battle against the drones gets tough, Barry tries to contact Wally West. Nevertheless, Iris arrives, after which the pair decide to put Bart and Nora in a fight against the drones. Meanwhile, Jay is kidnapped by a rebel drone as they demand Bart in exchange for Jay’s life. During this battle, he is knocked out when Barry and Nora arrive to save Bart and Jay. Meanwhile, Cisco arrives and traps the drone while Chester uses Allegra’s help on the device to render the drone incapable of fighting. All this time, he had comforted her over Esperanza’s death. When Joe and Kramer return after helping the FBI, they witness the citizens of Central City fleeing to escape the “Godspeed War”. Later, we see Cecile helping Barry get into Heart’s thoughts. Here, Barry will discover another version of Heart through his memories.

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The Flash Season 7 Episode 18 Release Date

The Flash Season 7 Episode 18 will be released on July 20, 2021. This episode of The Flash will be titled “Heart of the Matter, Part 2”. Like all other episodes of The Flash, this episode will also air at 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT. Each episode by The Flash has a runtime of nearly an hour, along with its commercials. This will be the last episode of the season. And if you want to watch the episode as it airs, you can do so by changing the time mentioned above and setting it. Fear not, fans of The Flash as The CW have renewed the show for an eighth season. This comes shortly before the premiere of The Flash Season 7 on February 3, 2021.

Spoiler for The Flash Season 7 Episode 18

Positive results.

Preview of The Flash Season 7 Episode 18

The Flash Season 7 Episode 18 titled “Heart of the Matter, Part 2,” will conclude the season. Here, we will see Barry enlist the help of several other speedsters to end the speedster war. For this, he will even enlist the help of his allies and children, including Bart Allen and Nora West-Allen. The evil Godspeed must be stopped. And how things come to be, The Flash may not be able to stop it on its own. Other than this, the fact that there will be an eighth season in the making may mean that we’ll be left on a major cliffhanger.

Where To Watch Flash?

Episodes by The Flash are available to watch on The CW, at designated times. If someone misses an episode during broadcast time, they can choose to watch the episode later on the CW App or Website. Apart from that, The Flash is also available to watch through various websites. This includes YouTube TV, Apple TV, NEON, and Sky. Apart from that, one can also live stream the episodes through various websites. In this case, you need to fill in your cable operator details and watch the show. Website includes FuboTV, Live TV, and Xfinity Stream.

If you do not subscribe to all the streaming websites mentioned above, you can choose to buy or rent episodes. This can be done through iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, VUDU, Google Play, and Microsoft Store. Lastly, episodes by The Flash are also available to watch on Netflix. But only the first six seasons are currently available. Since this episode will be the season finale, we can expect Netflix to add a seventh season to the platform soon.

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