Spoiler & Preview: Voice 4 Episode 12 (Article Ready)


There’s a lot to look forward to in Voice 4 now that the series is ending next week. The show started off by showing Director Kang’s resemblance as an assassin and has moved towards showing a killer with various personalities. Furthermore, the killer is associated with a village that follows traditional rules. The villagers also followed all the rules blindly without questioning anyone. In addition, the last aired episode of the series received the highest ratings ever. They scored 4,001 percent nationwide and reached the highest position on all cable channels in their time slot. So, what will happen in Voice 4 Episode 12?

Voice 4 follows the story of Kang Kwon Joo, who has the uncanny ability to catch killers by hearing voices and voices. He is known as a sound profiler and leads the Golden Time Team. Just like the previous seasons, the fourth season brings new killers and struggles for the team. Worse still, the killer looks like him who claims to be a conjoined twin. Tim, along with Derek Joo, only has the killer’s face and voice. They knew nothing more about the killer. Then, his face also turned fake because the killer only disguised himself as Kwon Joo.

Voice 4: What Happened So Far?

Voice 4 has so far reached the point where Team Golden Time and Derek Jo’s team find out about the real Circus Man, Dong Bang-Min. However, no one has been able to arrest him yet due to the lack of solid evidence and his grandfather’s influence on Vimo Island. Looks like Bang Min himself doesn’t know there is a dual personality in him. The team also finds out about the short kidnapper. We already know Circus Man doesn’t work alone and has two more people working under it. Director Kang and Derek Jo have a brief fight with the Circus Man. However, the team managed to save Saet Byul and Hyo Joon from the kidnappers.

Voice 4 Episode 12: Release Date

Voice 4 Episode 12 will be released on July 23, 2021, at 22:50 KST on tvN prime network. Thus, there is one day left before the release of episode 12 of the series. This week will see the release of episode 12, in addition to episode 11 of the show. After that, two more episodes will be left until the end of the series.

Voice 4 Episode 12 release date

A glimpse of one of the episodes featuring Dang Bong-Min (credit: tvN)

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Voice 4 Episode 12: What Will Happen?

Voice 4 Episode 11 doesn’t have any previews yet. However, it will follow Derek Joo’s team and Director Kang in catching the real circus man, Bang-Min. Is Bang-Min really clueless about his other personality, or is he just faking it? Next, the team must gather solid evidence against him, given their family’s influence in Sonang village. What is the real secret in Sonang village? They look like some traditional cultural. The villagers also blindly trusted Bang Min and his grandfather. In the upcoming episode, we can see the villagers blocking the police officers from catching Bang-Min.

Will Grandpa find out Bang-Mi’s real identity? We saw how he distrusted the police officers and desperately wanted to protect his grandson. He also asks someone to send Derek Joo back to the US Will he manage to do it? On the other hand, who stabbed Bang-Min? The same can be done by any of his other personalities to remove everyone’s doubts from him. The next episode could feature the same thing.

There is also the case of Kwak Man-Taek who approached the police officers and turned himself in as Circus Man. What was his motive for doing that? Can police officers identify the same? Did he really stab Bang-Min? Did someone force him to give himself up as a Circus Man.? The police have yet to find solid evidence against Bang-Min. It’s a tough road for them, considering how everyone will try to protect Bang-Min. What is Sonang village’s theory that they never rely on or trust outsiders? The village and their chief members looked suspicious.

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