Spoiler & Preview: Battle Game in 5 Seconds Episode 3


A boy who was beaten to death wakes up in another world and finds he is dead in the real world. Akira sees Mion and realizes that Mion is the one who killed him in the real world. Mion explains the fighting game in five seconds and tells the people that they are his who lives under his rule. Let’s find out how Akira and the other summoned creatures survive in another world in the latest episode of Battle Game in 5 Seconds. Akira fights Madoka and defeats him, and the higher-ups declare Akira Shiroyanagi the victor.

After the battle, Akira is handcuffed again and realizes that he still needs to test his new abilities. Mion and Yang keep an eye on Akira, and they praise him for his victory. Mion discovered Akira’s ability and that was whatever other people thought of his ability. Yuuri was relaxing in her room after fighting her opponent and thinking about returning home. He has flashback to the day when he went to school with his two friends. The three talk about shifts and realize they are free. They meet a puppy, and Yuri gets angry when the puppy barks at him.

Yuuri realizes that he has bad luck, and he meets a man who wants to die. When she tries to save the man, she discovers that the man is a perverted stalker aiming to beat her up. Yuuri arrives home and finds her mother with another man. His mother introduced the man and asked him if he wasn’t fantastic. Yuuri’s mother reveals that they met at the bar, and the man replies that it was like fate. Yuuri realized that the man her mother brought from the bar was the same.

Previously in Battle Game in 5 Seconds Episode 2

The man praises Minako for having a grown daughter. Minako tells her daughter Yuri that this man has a daughter and she is younger than Yuuri. Yuuri looked to the other side and found a little girl sitting alone. Both of them wanted Yuuri to take care of the little girl while enjoying their time. Then Yuuri heads to Find Your New Life here Real Estate and sees another perverted stalker trying to commit suicide. Yuuri couldn’t believe that it was the same person and head to save her.

The man wanted to die because a girl he loved left him. He thinks that Yuuri is the one and says he knows true love will come. Yuuri hangs on a steel rod, trying to save the perverted stalker. But the man grabbed her, and they started to fall together. The man was happy that he was dying with his lover at the same time. Then Yuuri wakes up in another world where Mion greets her. Yuuri is fed up with the lover’s suicide and the strange woman with the arm cannon.

Battle Game in 5 Seconds

Battle Game in 5 Seconds

Demon God

He realized that everything was part of a dream come true. Yuuri realized that she missed home, but the room she was in was tightly locked. He tried to break into the wall, but nothing happened as his powers were limited in the room. Mion watches Yuuri from the CCTV room and says Yuuri is interesting. Yang takes out Yuuri’s note and reveals an ability that allows her to escape. Yuuri found her strength and broke the wall, but it didn’t break. Yuuri realized that the wall would crack, but not break.

Mion is impressed by Yuuri’s strength, while Yuuri has another flashback before arriving in this world. On the day Yuuri came home, he thought about making a million yen and left his house. Yuuri wants to start a new life on her own without her mother because she is tired of her mother’s drama. Inside the kitchen, Yuuri hears a voice and asks who is there. The little girl entered the kitchen and said it was Riria. Yuuri realized that it was the daughter of the man who was dating her mother.

Riria said they told her to stay here with Yuuri. Yuuri started taking care of Riria. Then Yuuri wakes up after hearing about the one-on-one paring match. Kazuto fights with Yuuri and tells her that he loves teenage girls and pays them to cheer him up. Yuuri calls Kazuto an old pervy and beats him. He decided that he would be free and meet Riria. Mion gathers all the fighters and Yuuri becomes the Demon God. Mion announced a team fight that would take place in two hours.

Battle Game in 5 Seconds Episode 3 Release Date

Battle Game in 5 Seconds Episode 3 release date is 27 July 2021. You can watch Battle Game in 5 Seconds online at crispy, VRV, and ANIPLUS; You can also view Battle Game In 5 Seconds Episode 2: Release Date, Preview, And Recap.


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