Spirit of Ending Explanation: Netflix Horror Story Plot Summary

A Malaysian indie arthouse horror, Roh is a tense and atmospheric film directed by Emir Ezwan. The film stars Farah Ahmad as mother, Mak, and Mhia Farhana as daughter, Along. Harith Haziq plays Angah’s son. Namron plays the character of the Hunter Hunter. Junainah M. Lojong plays the old woman Tok. Putri Qaseh plays Adik, a young girl. The film is set in the past and follows a family living in the forest. When a strange little girl visits them with a terrifying prophecy, supernatural events begin to haunt the family. Reinchez Ng composed the music while Saifuddin Musa handled the cinematography. The film was screened in theaters in Malaysia and Singapore on 6 August 2020. Despite being selected as the Malaysian entry for Best International Feature Film at the 93rd Academy Awards, it failed to secure a nomination.

Malaysian indie horror films are on a budget but are liberal in their fears. Giving goosebumps and fright through its impressive use of tension and atmosphere, the Spirit makes for a terrifying experience. Director Ezwan has done a commendable job with the film overcoming its budget constraints and delivering a good horror film. The actors have also done a commendable job of portraying a horror-stricken family in the middle of a supernatural forest. The ending of the film has left some speculation and questions. If you’re one of those wondering what that means, don’t worry! Let’s dive into what the end of the Spirit means. Spoiler ahead!

Spirit film actor

Mak, Angah, and Along. Spirit/Netflix.

Plot Synopsis

Two children, Along and Angah, live in a hut in a spooky forest with their widowed mother, Mak. One day, the brothers found a dead deer hanging from a tree branch. While on their way home, they met a young girl covered in mud. They brought him in and the mother offered him food, water and shelter. Her brothers named her Adik which means little sister. Mak also tells a story to the children — a legend about a hunter. Hunters, according to legend, were spirits and hunted animals and children. However, people can save themselves by hitting two stones together and chanting a spell, which Mak then teaches the children. In this remote forest, apparitions are supernaturally deceptive. And Adik is one scary example.

When the family woke up the next day, they found Adik eating raw birds. He then predicted that they would all die the following month before slitting his own throat. The family took Adik’s body and kept it near a dead tree in an open area in the forest. Upon their return home, they find an old woman who calls her Tok. He told them that the stones lying near the house were a bad omen and they should throw them away. Angah and Along followed his advice. At night, Along meets the ghost of Adik in the crawl space under the house. After this meeting, Along fell ill and had a high fever. Mak goes to Tok for help. Tok performs the ritual and asks Angah to kill two pigeons as a sacrifice. However, Angah failed to do that because he let one of them fly.

Spirit Ending Explained

Brother eats raw birds. Credits: Netflix.

Hunters, Specters and Death

A hunter arrives at their house and asks for Adik but Mak refuses. The same night As long as he sleeps while walking to where the body of the younger brother is and sees his spirit again. The next day, the hunter found Along and returned him to Mak. Mak is very suspicious of the hunter, thinking he kidnapped and injured him. All along the terrified tells the hunter about the location of his dead daughter. He finds her body and mourns. The gruesome encounter took its toll and he hit his head with a protruding nail repeatedly and died.

Mak decides to leave the forest but Angga goes in search of food. The hunter returns to Mak and warns him that his family is in danger from an evil entity. The already suspicious Make refuses to buy anything he says and also accuses him of Along’s death. As the hunter left, he began to follow him, with the intent to kill. Is the hunter a killer? Will Angah survive and who is Tom really? As these disturbing events unfold, we get answers to these questions, but they end up confusing a lot of people. Now let’s take a look and try to explain what is meant by the end of the Spirit.

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Hunters come to the family. Spirit/Netflix.

Spirit Ending Explained

At the end of the Spirit, the hunter saw Angah and slit his throat. As he kills Angah, Make creeps up behind him and stabs him with a spear. The hunter wakes up later and finds that Tok is performing a ritual on Little Brother’s body. We later found out that Mak had suspected a non-bad person and trusted a bad person. We learn that Tok is “Devil”, and refers to himself in the plural, as “we”. Demons are evil entities that have children to do their evil deeds. After Tok taunts the hunters for not being able to save Angga, we see the spirits of children wandering in the forest. As the end nears completion, we see Along arriving home. But it was actually his spirit and not as long as he had been since he died.

He then sets fire to the house where Mak, weakened by all the blood loss, and Agah’s body is asleep. The fire burned the house, along with Angga’s mother and corpse inside. What happened to Angah? Because as we will see later, the hunter did not kill Angah but a deer. So how did Angah die? We believe that Angah has been previously killed by an evil spirit. The angah we see on screen for the most part at the end is just the ghost. We also have reason to believe that hunters are spirits too. At first, Mak told the children a folk tale about a spirit hunter. It made sense that the hunter was the same spirit. However, unlike the legend, it wasn’t him who killed the children, but Tok/Devil.

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