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Space Jam: A New Legacy which is also named, Space Jam 2 is ready to appear this year. After releasing its first chapter in 1996, this film will soon hit theaters. As you may already know, the first part features Michael Jordan, the legendary basketball player as the main character. The next chapter stars the greatest basketball player of all time, LeBron James. Films that show the struggles of great figures to become what they are today have always been an inspiration for many young people. And, if you’re looking to pursue a career in sports or are looking for motivation, Space Jam 2 should be on your watchlist. This article will find out everything about the film, when it will be released, the cast, and other useful things you should know.

This sports comedy film not only features LeBron James but also funny and catchy characters from the popular children’s show, Looney Tunes. Directed by Malcolm D. Lee, Space Jam 2 is becoming one of the most awaited films of our time. And, James took him to Instagram to tell his fans about the same. Ever since the NBA player made this announcement on Instagram and expressed his excitement about the upcoming venture, fans have been praying for him. Not only that, they also tapped James to reveal the release date for the sequel. Well, you no longer need to act like a gnat. Just skip to the next section to find out when the film will be released!

Space Jam 2 starring LeBron James will be released soon

Space Jam 2 starring LeBron James will be released soon

Space Jam 2 Release Date

It has been officially confirmed by the maker that Space Jam Season will be released on July 16, 2021, in the United States. It will also be released on Warner Bros. ‘HBO Max on the same day. James’s action will be complemented by the magic of the Looney Tunes character. This hybrid concoction is something we’ve been waiting for lately. And, it looks like we’ll have to wait a little longer for this kick out of the film. Until then, let’s be patient and hope the film is worth the wait.

Storyline: What is the film about?

Starring the NBA family player, LeBron James, you can definitely say this film will be based on sports. And, you can definitely catch some iconic basketball action. Regarding the storyline, James and his son Dom aspire to become the greatest video game developers. They are so crazy about video games that they get caught up in virtual games. Both father and son must find a way to return to the real world. And, they only have one choice, which is to win the match.

The magic of the Looney Tune will be complemented by Jame's action

The magic of the Looney Tune is complemented by the action of James

Therefore, James made sure he helped all the mischievous Looney Tunes characters find their home and get them there safely. However, the path is not as easy as it seems. In order to cause more trouble on his mission, his son, Dom, fights him. He acts as the AI-G rhythm that controls and monitors the actions of Looney Tunes. How will the father beat his son? Will they be able to get out of the virtual world? For answers to all of these questions, watch the film this July and learn for yourself!

Cast and Role

Take a look at the key characters from the sequel and find out what roles they will play!

LeBron James as LeBron James

LeBron James- NBA iconic player to play the protagonist

LeBron James- NBA iconic player to play the protagonist

As we mentioned above, LeBron James will play the protagonist in the upcoming animated film. There are many other NBA players who could appear in this film including Anthony Davis and Klay Thompson. He sounds upbeat about the project and we hope the film will be a success at the box office too. It’s been more than 25 years since its release original film. How will the sequel end? Let’s see how his career changed as an industry model after this film.

Don Cheadle as AI-G Rhythm

Don Cheadle as AI-G Rhythm

Don Cheadle as AI-G Rhythm

The actor edged out with NBA iconic player, LeBron James for the film. And, watching the two of them share a screen would be nice. Speaking of his role in the animated action film, Don sounds positive. He wanted to keep his role hidden. However, Paul Scheer finally revealed his role. Paul insists that Don will play a negative role and will most likely fight LeBron James. It looks like Don will play the antagonist in the sequel. But, how did the fans react? How will the roles change in this film? So, wait for the film to be released in July and find out for yourself!

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