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Sung Jingwoo had arrived at the room where Dragon Kamish was. After failing to summon Kamish on his second try, the third attempt was successful. Kamish asked Sung Jingwoo if he was the one who called him. Kamish looked at Sung Jinwoo and commented that Sung was the King of the Dead Shadow Monarchs. The higher-ups couldn’t believe that Sung summoned that thing. Kamish comments that humans have to die. We’ll be in the Solo Leveling Season 2 update.

Kamishi vows that he will kill all humans and starts going on a rampage. The higher-ups notified that Kamish had shattered the glass reinforced by the magic of the top ranked hunters. Things got intense when Kamish started blowing flames all over the building. The workers advised them to flee to a safe place. They informed the higher ups that Kamish’s breathing was too dangerous. Sung Jinwoo stood firmly in front of Kamish.

Solo Leveling Season 2 Release Date Chapter 144

Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 143 will be out on Thursday, 18 March 2021. Read Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 143. We haven’t found an official way to read Solo Leveling yet. We’ll quickly focus on the chapter highlights below. Every week on Thursday, spoilers and a new chapter of Solo Leveling will also be available. Read the latest developments about Solo Leveling at Kakao Magazine Page.

Highlights of Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 142

Sung Jinwoo told Kamish to stop rampaging. She reminds Kamish that the magic crystal embedded in her head was removed earlier. Kamish doesn’t need to obey any rules or orders. The higher-ups were surprised that Hunter Sung Jinwoo spoke to monsters on their tongues. One of the workers said he couldn’t believe it.

King of Destruction

Solo Leveling Season 2

Solo Leveling Season 2

Kamish comments, this is what it feels like to submit to the Shadow Monarch. He stepped forward towards Sung Jinwoo, who said a lowly servant who worked under the Dragon Emperor. He tells Kamish to show respect for the new king. Sung Jingwoo asked Kamish if it was true that he served Dragon Emperor.

Kamish replied that it was true, my lord, and he revealed that he had served the rampaging dragon king. The raging dragon king was known as the king of destruction. Sung Jinwoo realized that he wasn’t aware that Shadow Soldiers could have such strong egos. She was impressed with intense anger, and she rubbed Kamish’s face. Sung Jinwoo noticed that Kamish was the same as the other monsters he saw.

The higher ups couldn’t believe that the dragon was under Sung Jinwoo’s control. They saw Kamish wagging his tail. Sung Jinwoo was thinking about the dead king of the Shadow Monarchs. He also thought about the king of the kings of the giants from the start. Sung Jinwoo thought that the two of them must be one of the nine kings named by the system. Kamish told his master Sung Jinwoo that he would leave him.

Kamishi spoke to Sung Jinwoo, who believed that he had to leave her now. He told Sung Jinwoo that they met when it was too late. Sung Jinwoo realized that even the power of the Shadow Monarch could not fight with the passage of time. Kamish told Sung Jinwoo that his soldiers would serve him forever. He also told him about the four humans who borrowed the power of the Rulers. He advised Sung Jingwoo to be careful of the four people.

New King

Kamishi also said that it was an honor to appear in front of his new king, Sung Jinwoo. Kamish vanishes, and Shadow’s extraction fails. Kamish’s shadow had returned to the void. Sung wants to try another Shadow extraction, but he realizes that it will fail. Too much had passed since Kamish’s death, and any further extraction attempts would not yield good results. Sung Jinwoo decided to let it be.

He told Mr. White to inform the Director that he would pay compensation. He also apologized for the mess that had occurred. Sung Jinwoo left the building, and the workers were shocked by who the man was. On his way, he was angry that his shadow extraction failed. Then he meets the Chief at the hotel, and he questions why they can’t communicate. Sung Jinwoo replied that he was in a place where there was no signal.

Solo Leveling Season 2

Solo Leveling Season 2

The Chief asked him if he had met Hunter Yoo Jinho since he left after he contacted her. He revealed that Sung Jinwoo said he was waiting for Jinho at the Hunter Bureau when he called. Sung Jinwoo was surprised that he didn’t talk to Jinho. He revealed that he just came back. The two of them headed there and found that Jinho left with A Hunter from the Scavenger Guild. The guards wondered why the Scavenger Guild was involved.

The Scavenger Guild

They thought that they had better listen there and talk to them face-to-face. Sung Jinwoo felt that something was wrong. The Scavenger Guild received a message that they had escorted the vice chairman of the Ahjin Guild. The higher-ups called and asked if Sung Jinwoo knew about it.

They were told that Sung Jinwoo had no idea what was going on. Sung Jinwoo was told that the Scavengers Guild would investigate this matter. Sung Jinwoo vanished and left somewhere, blaming himself that it was his fault. He was worried about why he didn’t assign a soldier to look after Jinho. Sung summoned a different Shadow to help him find Jinho.

He did not want past events to repeat themselves. Thomas suspects Dong-Su is responsible for everything. He saw a pile of corpses. Thomas told his soldiers to find Dong-Su before Sung Jinwoo found him. Don-Su was with Jinho, and he tortured him. Jinho bled in front of Dong-Su.

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