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Solar Opposites Season 2 is just around the corner and if you’ve been looking for some crazy adult comedy, that’s exactly what you need. Solar Opposites is an adult animated sitcom created by co-creators Rick and Morty Justin Roiland with Mike McMahan. The show was originally to be released on Fox but was later taken out by Hulu. And after less than a year of the initial release of season 1, we have season 2 coming out this week. Solar Opposites is a show that like Rick and Morty uses sci-fi madness at the heart of the show. Because every episode is like an ordinary sitcom introducing and solving problems with humor that doesn’t need context.

Solar Plots Opposite

“Solar Opposites” is a sitcom that follows the life of an alien family from Planet Shlorp. This planet used to be a utopia that was destroyed immediately after the asteroid impact. Of the inhabitants of Shlorp, one hundred adults and their multipliers were given the Pupa. They fled to outer space and searched for an inhabited planet as a new home. But unfortunately for our four protagonists, Korvo, Yumyulack, Terry and Jesse, they hit the overcrowded planet Earth. The family of four now has to take shelter ready to move house in the middle of the US.

Snippet from Season 1 – Hulu credits

The setting gives the family members separate views on whether Earth is cool or terrible. Korvo and Yunyulack believe Earth is terrible because they set their sights on planetary pollution, violent consumerism, and human weakness. Meanwhile, Terry and Jesse believe Earth is great because of their love for humans and all the TV, junk food, and fun things they produce. As this family goes about their daily lives, they have a mission at hand. They must protect the ejected Pupa, which is a living supercomputer that was able to one day evolve into its original form, thereby eating it and turning Earth into something resembling Planet Shlorp.

When Will Solar Opposites Season 2 Be Released?

Solar Opposites Season 2 will be released on March 26, 2021. This season will have 8 episodes, all of which will be released at the same time. The release time hasn’t been announced yet but if Hulu’s release pattern is anything to go by, the show should be released before 3am ET / 2pm CT. You can watch episodes by Solar Opposites as they air Upstream. Solar Opposites are also available for streaming Amazon Prime video and Disney +. Amazon Prime Video has its first season while Disney + has released its first season episodes every Friday. It will end on April 2nd after which the Season 2 episode will probably be released. The Solar Opposites has been updated for season 3 which will be a 12 episode installment. If there aren’t any major delays, the season will be released somewhere in early 2022.

Solar Opposites Season 2 Release Date

The Wall – Hulu credit

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List of Solar Opposites Season 2 Episodes

  • As mentioned above, all episodes by Solar Opposites will be released on the same day, which is March 26, 2021.
  • Solar Opposites Season 2 Episode 1 – “The Sacred Non-Repeating Number”
  • Solar Opposites Season 2 Episode 2 – “Earth Eraser”
  • Solar Opposites Season 2 Episode 3 – “The Lake House Device”
  • Solar Opposites Season 2 Episode 4 – “The Emergency Urbanizer”
  • Solar Opposites Season 2 Episode 5 – “The Rad Awesome Terrific Ray”
  • Solar Opposites Season 2 Episode 6 – “The Apple Pencil Pro”
  • Solar Opposites Season 2 Episode 7 – “The Probable Death Of Terry’s Favorite Glass”
  • Solar Opposites Season 2 Episode 8 – “The Solar Opposites Almost Get An Xbox”

Solar Opposite Season 2 Preview

Solar Opposites Season 2 Release Date

Footage from the Season 2 Teaser – Hulu credits

The Solar Opposites Season 2 Teaser comes out on January 6, 2021 while the trailer then comes out on February 25, 2021. The trailer starts off with a sequence showing Krovo celebrating while they are on a refurbished ship preparing to finally leave Earth. But sadly, things didn’t go according to plan so crashing their roof left them right where they started a year ago. This collision even caused some serious damage to their neighbors. With the spaceship destroyed, they fabricate an alien monster that will pop out bottles of wine after eating people. Elsewhere, Yumyulack obtained a BDE that was more than capable of killing people. Along with this little sequence, things get even crazier when Solar Opposites Season 2 drops on March 26, 2021.

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