Snowpiercer 2 Season End Explanation: The Journey Will End

The popular TNT Snowpiercer season 2 series is finally closing the curtains at the season finale, and let’s just say this is more than fans expected! While some characters are ready for the final showdown, it will definitely require some major sacrifice on the way! The season two finale is one of the most emotional episodes of all time. Get ready for big spoilers ahead!

When the team manages to separate Snowpiercer’s head from the remaining car and as the gang prepares to fight Wilford and find Snowpiercer’s life, it looks like it comes at a heavy price!

Snowpiercer’s Season 2 Episode 10: Peeking Into Season Two Finals!

After we saw Layton and Ruth trapped, thanks to Wilford’s careful planning! The two of them immediately planned their escape and killed the doorman, and immediately got the key. Alex immediately reveals that the machine has a secret entrance to Wilford’s bedroom!

The Snowpiercer

When Alexandra instigated Wilford by saying that she could never be a leader like her mother, Wilford immediately slapped Alex, and she took this opportunity to injure Wilford with a razor blade! Fans still hope that Jennifer Connelly will return in the upcoming third season. With Mr. Wilford still survived the fatal razor wound, it looked like the team might have to face his anger. We also saw Ruth stay and couldn’t join Layton at the end of season two.

Snowpiercer Season 2: Melanie Cavill Die! Take a peek at the Shocking Change of Events at the Season 2 Finals!

While we still can’t get over the fact that Melanie Cavill is dead. Everything is pretty clear in the final episode of the second season titled Into The White, where Melanie protects the drive with little energy left. He ate all of the mice in isolation to support himself, but the energy wasn’t enough to protect him. As Alexandra frantically searches for Melanie, fans are immediately convinced that Melanie has sacrificed her life to keep the drive warm, and she knows that Alex will come looking for her! The heartbreaking scene partially ends on this massive cliffhanger as the team prepares to rebel and search for warm spots beyond Snowpiercer.

Although Josie was quite successful in destroying the Aquarium car, it seems Mr. Wilford still has 1,023 cars left! In addition, Zarah who is pregnant with Layton’s baby could also be a risk factor for the team. Even though Wilford had promised not to hurt him, his intentions could never be predicted. While the two trains have split at the end of season 2, they will meet, and that’s something to watch out for in season 3!

Snowpiercer 2 Season End Explanation: Season Finals Ends With a Big Cliffhanger!

The biggest surprise fans received from the end of the second season was that Melanie was dead! However, the star of the series is rumored to be appearing in the upcoming third season, and given the show’s immense creativity, the writer might make it happen! While Melanie sacrificed her life for the good of many, she left encouragement and an emotional note for Alex saying, “You are my hope,” with advice to learn to love those who scare them. Alex remembers his mother at the end of a poignant second season.

Melanie Cavill

The season ended poignantly a happy note, with Melanie writing that now she can put on her helmet and walk to white in peace. Fans were heartbroken when they saw a black and white photo of Melanie holding on to young Alexandra. Melanie protects the drive with her life, and the team finally finds a warm place. The season finale ends with Layton deciding to get their train back, and the team embraces each other while looking at the positives as Alexandra will take responsibility and become Snowpiercer’s newest engineer, like her mother. The third season will see Wilford waging war against the rebels.

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