Small Town Crime Final Explanation

Small Town Crime appears as a fun action-adventure. Also added some cute elements here and there. Despite telling a straightforward story, it is one of those fun trips to enjoy on a weekend. Eshom Nelms and Ian Nelms wrote and directed the film. Starring John Hawkes as the main character, this film tells the story of a drunken ex-cop who finds a dead girl. Finally, he is forced by his own hunch to return to the game to hunt down the man who killed the young prostitute from the bar for some reason. But with adventure comes some dangers, too. Because other people are also hunting him.

Like we said, Small Town Crime is a fun live watch with not a lot of rocket science plot. However, if you get lost during the movie, here we will discuss what really happened. Starting from Mike, the former main cop played by John Hawke’s past, to the history of the girl who died, to the plot made up by young girls at the bar. The one who urged the killer to send his own army to end them. Let’s look at the end of the Small Town Crime story piece by piece.

Small Town Crime Plot Summary

Small Town Crime follows opening Mike Kendall’s chronicle. A former policeman moves from one job to another just to keep his life together. While he did manage to get some, his drinking problem was causing a lot of commotion. Something he doesn’t want in his life. The same drinking problem hurts his job as a cop. In the past, he lost his senior partner in the same way when he couldn’t handle what was going on. In turn, the kidnappers as well as the kidnapped girl lose their losses when Mike opens fire to retaliate.

Likewise, he finds himself drunk waking up on the field immediately to find he may have hit a girl. So until that came true, he took her to the hospital. Well, the cops are still trying to find out, Teddy thinks he’s Damsel Mike in Trouble. So she tries to come back to him. The idea of ​​returning his cellphone and personal belongings only to find out that he was dead. But an incoming phone call made him realize someone was chasing him.

Small Town Crime Plot

From Small Town Crime Features John Hawkes as Mike Kendall, Robert Forster as Steve Yandel, and Stefanie Scott as Ivy

After getting rejected by his friends Kelly and Teddy, the police on the case, and even the Christian family himself, Mike establishes himself as a PI. Only to be stopped by the Detective again. While everyone denies it, Grandpa Kristen has different plans when she hires Mike under the alias PI Jack Winter. She tells him everything she needs to know about Kristen and her friends and the guy who drives the 60s Impala running this whole mess.

What happens is that Mike, aka Jack Winter, carries out his investigation with a prostitute named Heide and ends up finding a similar murder as that of Kristen. Soon, Mike conducts an investigation into the bar owner Randy to find out about this Impala man named Mood. Soon she met him when Mood came to attack Mike at his house assisted by Heidi.

It turned out that Mood wasn’t the killer either. In fact, he had been hunting down the killer himself, thinking he would come for him. He suspects the third missing girl named Ivy. The investigation continues but two people make their presence felt as they hunt him and Ivy too and will probably contact his family too. Unless something is done very quickly.

Small Town Crime Final Explanation

So what’s going on here? Why are these two men hunting down the girls? So, investigating Ivy leads Mike to bar owner Randy. Indeed he knew about Ivy’s location and had kept it safe. She takes Mike to hers, and Ivy and Randy decide to break the ground. As it turned out, the young girls at the bar entered rooms with the rich to have fun. What’s interesting here is that they recorded it while they were doing their job without telling them. After the session was over, they blackmailed this rich man into taking money from them. It seemed that one of the rich men didn’t really like the idea.

Small Town Crime End Times Explanation

From Small Town Crime Features John Hawkes as Mike Kendall

So is Mike. He decided to turn Randy and Ivy into cops. Outside, two gunmen for hire are shooting Mike’s loved one. Soon on their way to meet Mike. What happens is the ultimate stunt car sequence that leaves Randy dead. When Mike and Ivy make out, it turns out that the gunman is carrying Teddy, Mike’s friend, in their trunk. Mike decides to tell Kelly and take refuge in Christian’s grandfather, Mr. Yendell’s house.

Mike, Mr. Yendell, and Mood joined together for an exchange. Mike doesn’t bring his exchanges, and the whole thing happens in an all-out firefight. Luckily, Mike’s team survives when they take out the gunmen who saved Teddy in the process as well. The final moments see people recovering. Plus, the police ended up chasing down the three rich people who employed them with ease while one of them ran away. Mike chooses to give a PI exam and reconcile with Teddy while Mood and Mr. Yendell goes after the last rich man to close the film.

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