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There have been many films in the past related to the subject of World War II and with this coming in other films namely Six Minutes to Midnight starring Izzard, Judi Dench with other actors and a film directed by Andy Goddard. The storyline seems very interesting because this film does not only focus on the war story which is only about the history that we learned in school since childhood. Even though it is not much different from a war story, it is not like a film where it can be said that the story revolves around another story but it must have something to do with World War II.

Six Minutes To Midnight begins with the story of a teacher during World War II only at the initial stage all major developments were taking place but the actual confrontation did not occur until now, namely in 1939.There has been a lot going on besides the war that we know has happened. during that 6 year period. The war was fought for the nation and by the nations but no one cared what the people of that nation were going through what kind of hardships.

Andy Goddard Directing Six Minutes To Midnight

Andy Goddard Directing Six Minutes To Midnight

Cast & Plot Details

The film’s cast includes Judi Dench as Miss Rocholl, Eddie Izzard as Thomas Miller, Carla Juri as Keller, Jim Broadbent as Charlie, James D ‘Arcy as Captain Drey, David Schofield as Colonel Smith and Celyn Jones as Corporal Wills.

English teachers disappeared from private English-German schools, this happened at the beginning of World War II in 1939. However, no one in the school was bothered by this fact and soon a new teacher came to replace the faculty position. it’s empty. The new teacher is Miller, who has finished various lessons and has completed a few days at school now finds something different going on at school. He discovers that the real teaching of the Third Reich is in school and also he finds out that the former teacher whose vacant position Miller was currently was washed on the beach located near the school.

The school where Miller currently teaches is an English school but the things that happened inside the school revealed something to him. Miller one day discovers some evidence that the school has been secretly helping the Nazis and upon learning this was a rush to British majors and things didn’t go as Miller planned because someone was chasing Miller as he headed to the Colonel to report everything that had happened. at school but something goes wrong for Miller when he is accused of murdering the Colonel.

The Colonel is shot dead by the person following Miller and then things at school are like that, Miller’s vacant position is taken by the person who followed him or rather the person who shot the Colonel, and the story becomes more interesting but the experience will be spoiled if you know everything first , so it’s a good idea to watch the film first rather than jumping straight to find out the story first. It might also be the fact that the previous teacher might also be missing because she also knows something about the school, everything seems related, so for that you need to watch the film.

Six Minutes To Midnight – Release Date

This film was released in the UK on September 25, 2020, previously that date was scheduled for release on May 29, 2020, but because theaters were no longer operating due to the ongoing pandemic, the makers of Six Minutes To Midnight shifted the film’s release date. In the United States, the distribution rights have been acquired by IFC Films while in the UK, the distribution rights have been acquired by Lionsgate.


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