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K-pop idols are famous all over the world, be it boy groups or girl groups. They have fans and followers all over the world. Everyone loves to hear them sing and dance. Idol groups also live up to their name and never fail to attract the attention of the public. SHINee is one of the K-pop idol boy bands who have been active since 2008. They currently have four members on their team, with the death of one member in December 2017.

However, the group has been inactive for the past two years. Now, they are back in the K-pop industry again. They announced their comeback with a brand new song, album, and variety show, SHINee Inc. (2021). Well, the show has already released one episode. Fans were excited about their comeback and showered them with love on Twitter. Let’s get into the details of the drama series the famous K-pop idol made is coming back for episode 2 or not.

SHINee Inc. Episode 1: Recap

The Episode starts with the narrator talking about the background. He began by introducing to viewers Eulji-Ro as the mecca of the South Korean manufacturing industry. Slowly, the scene moved as he talked about SHINee Inc. and their office is in one corner of the market. He said that idol groups have dominated nearly thirteen years in the K-pop industry. Their company only has one artist, SHINee, and they are the most talented people. Now, they plan to return after a long struggle and a three-year absence. They have high expectations that their comeback will be very successful.

SHINee Inc.

The stories and moments are theirs now from which they will rise again, and the same begins. Then, the narrator begins to introduce Hyuk Soon as a pretty apprentice and arrives before everyone in the company. He described the internship as elegant and he landed a job with a Level 3 word skill. Lee Jin Ki was the assistant manager who came next when he stumbled in a box stored on the stairs. He tells himself that he has to be careful when walking. He is said to be a pacifist and kind-hearted. Lee Jin Ki contacted companies and interacted with interns.

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Kim Ki Bum is the group team manager who still speaks a dialect. He seems to be in a bit of a rush to reach the company as he crosses Mino Choi. He’s also the type to argue first. Mino Choi is also introduced as a team manager studying in the US. He has a fiery charisma who loves a challenge. He cursed Kim Ki Bum because he failed his challenge. They both arrive at the office blaming each other. They are joined by Jin Ki and an intern at the office. Lee Taeman is the director of the company and the son of the chairman. He comes with his private secretary and interacts with everyone. The CEO of the company came up with a more attractive and fashionable way.

SHINee Inc. Release Date Episode 2

SHINee Inc. (2021) is a variety show and not actually a drama series. It depicts the SHINee members’ thirteen year journey. It also showcases their debut, music, along with their comeback. The show is funny and funny trying to describe their daily life. Unfortunately, there is only one episode for the show. No further episodes will be released anytime soon or are in the process of planning. Therefore, there is no release date for Episode 2 of SHINee Inc. There is no story line or story line for episode 2 as the show itself is a reality type show. Furthermore, the release of episode 2 did not fit SHINee Inc.’s schedule.

SHINee Inc. is a one-episode TV show released on February 24, 2021, on tvN. It lasted for almost two hours. Other names for the drama show are syainui seutateu eob and startup SHINee. The drama show, along with their latest album, Don’t Call Me, marked their return to the entertainment industry after almost three years. The show featured four members of the k-pop idol group as the main hosts. The four members are Onew, Lee Tae Min, Key, and Choi Min Ho.

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