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Shark Virus is a 2020 science fiction horror film that tells the story of a shark bite that causes a worldwide pandemic. A shark bite spreads a deadly virus throughout the world, causing a frenzy of the world. The premise of this film is set far below the sea. A group of researchers is working deep in the sea when lab technicians are infected by an unknown virus. The underwater research facility is surrounded by sharks. It also has a test pool in it, also festering with sharks. Now researchers must rush to tackle this problem. Time is precious and researchers must work fast to find a cure for the virus. It is a race against time while also being ensnared by death lurking from all sides.

Inside the facility, there is a danger of being exposed to the virus and it is getting worse. While the sharks outside are also stalking the meat to eat. Researchers must exceed time as they face a two-sided threat from sharks and shark viruses. Virus Shark was directed by Mark Polonia who also edited the film. He is known for Return to Splatter Farm; Bride of the Werewolf; Camp Blood Ghost; Bigfoot vs. Zombies; Feeder; etc. Aaron Drake has written the screenplay for the film. Ron Bonk of House Shark has produced the film. Shark virus is trying to build a pandemic and sharks in the real world that is ongoing! That’s a mixture of the Covid-19 virus and shark attacks. The virus in the film actually comes from a shark bite.

Shark Virus Release Date

A snapshot from the Shark Virus (2021).

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Who is on Cast?

The film’s cast includes Jamie Morgan, best known for Halloween and Horror Tales. The film also stars Steve Diasparra, known as Frozen Sasquatch; Queen Crab; and The Dark Sleep. There is also Natalie Himmelberger, Ken Van Sant, who is famous for Amityville Exorcism; Sharkenstein. Titus Himmelberger and Sarah Duterte (Deadly Playthings) are also in the film. In addition, Noyes Lawton, Yolie Canales, Todd Carpenter, and James Carolus (Scarecrow County; Outpost Earth; Land Shark) also star. Lastly, Danielle Donahue, who is known for Phobias; Survival Knife; Jurassic Prey, also starred in the film.

What Does the Shark Virus Review Say?

The film received mostly negative reviews. While most reviews have highlighted it, few have embraced low-budget nonsense to the fullest. Reviews have paid attention to bad CGI and special effects. There are also a lot of fake and bad props used in this film. It was full of bad acting and unfinished scripts. But as a film without a budget, many might find charm in it. It has all the bells and whistles that go with the Mark Polonia films. The review also paid tribute to films such as Deep Blue Sea. It’s like a mix of Deepstar and Deep Blue Sea with a hint of cannibal film. The script doesn’t make any sense but that’s fine if you’re used to Mark Polonia’s films.

Researchers on the Shark Virus 2021

A snapshot from the Shark Virus (2021).

Mark Polonia is known for films based exclusively on sharks which are basically low-budget tribute to classic films. He previously made Amityville Island and Shark Encounters of the Third Kind. The Shark Virus does everything you expect from a Mark Polonia movie. It has ridiculous concepts, gore, bad CGI, bad acting, and a shoestring budget. There are a lot of things at a very low budget in this film. At one point there was a plastic shark stand that moved excitedly. The premise of a film could have been made for great low-budget viewing, but failed by terrible script and equally bad acting.

What is the Plot?

Australian beaches are at the edge of a shark attack. As a result, the shark bite has spread the SHVID-1 virus to humans. To make the situation worse and to fan the fire, people love the beach. Not moving from the shore, the spread of the virus turned into a pandemic. Meanwhile, the Cygnus Research Facility has crew members who can save the world. There are 5 crew members inside the underwater facility. Crew members include shark expert Kristi (Jamie Morgan), Greg (James Carolus), chief engineer D’Amato (Steve Diasparra), disease specialist, and Anne (Danielle Donahue). Returning to the surface is Shannon Muldoon (Sarah Duterte), to whom everyone at the facility reports.

Shark Virus Release Date

Shark Virus has been released in limited edition Blu-ray and VHS. The film will be released on VOD in April 2021.

The following is a snippet of the film;

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