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Last year, 2020, literally showered our parade of Marvel films and events by postponing it. A pandemic occurred caused by the fatal Corona Virus which literally did not allow the entertainment industry to start the film-making process. This is why everything is locked tight to prevent the spread of the virus. But 2021 is even better, with vaccines coming and cinemas opening up our favorite films once again. During this time, the last time we had a Marvel project with us was in 2019, and as such, the excitement when Wanda Vision was released on Disney Plus sent waves.

To date, the Marvel production company has decided on their list of films and shows that are pending for the coming months, and we are very happy. Everyone knows how patient we are all waiting for the release of Black Widow. The first time the teaser came out in 2019 left us all on the verge of anticipation to see what the film would look like. But unfortunately this did not happen, but now Marvel has confirmed the Black Widow release date in July 2021.

Shang Chi and the Pending Release Date of the Legend of the Ten Rings

This led to another fact that the Marvel TV shows that aired on Disney Plus called Shang Chi and Legend of the Ten Rings had to be moved further away now. That’s because Shang Chi was lined up for release in July 2021, but now that Black Widow has moved to that duration, the show will have to move on. So, Shang Chi and Legend of the Ten Rings will be released on September 3, 2021. On the other hand, Black Widow’s release date is scheduled for July 9, 2021. It’s been a year since we had hype around the release of Black Widow, as it was previously scheduled for a launch date on 7 May 2020.

During this time, Kareem Daniel is the Chairman of Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution, and he has made statements regarding the shift in release dates for various entities in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He said that the collective decision Marvel made to postpone the date reflects their focus on providing consumer choice. He also mentioned how the company wanted to cater to growing audience preferences. Kareem said that by deciding on a suitable strategy to distribute their project among fans who live in a situation where the world is just starting to recover from the pandemic and the market is also just starting to grow. According to him, the company is focused on using the best available options to convey stories from The Walt Disney Company to fans and families living around the world.

Another Movie Now Shifting Back By Disney

Also, you should know that these are not the only two entities that Disney and Marvel have decided to change their timetable for. It has been officially announced by the creators that Cruella, one of the highly anticipated Disney Plus titles, will debut on the platform starting May 28, 2021. On the other hand, Luca will completely skip the theatrical release and will go straight to the streaming platform provided by Disney Plus. no additional charges collected from Premium subscribers.

By now, you must all be wondering about upcoming films like Free Guy and The King’s Man and Death on the Nile, which are supposed to be released later this year. Well, the creators surprised us once again by pushing back on these titles to make room for pending releases of titles on Disney’s new release calendar. The good thing about the release of these titles is the fact that there is no controversy involved. We’ve seen how Warner Brothers’ decision to release the title directly to HBO Max and theaters was hated by big officials and directors.

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