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One day when the stars filled the sky, Yoh met a high school student, Manta. Yoh is a young shaman who can speak with spirits. He can also use spirit power, but he has big challenges that he has to overcome. Asakura Yoh will fight to win the Shaman Fight and become the Shaman King. The Shaman Fight is a tournament that takes place between Shamans, and it occurs once every 500 years. His fiancé Ana Kyouyama joins him along with the samurai spirit Amidamaru and other friends.

The powerful evil known as Hao appeared and wanted to eliminate all Shamans and create a new world. Hao wants to become the new Shama King and rule the world. Asakura Yoh decided to challenge Hao with his allies. Shaman King will be the representative next week, and new episodes will be released once a week. Let’s see who Asakura Yoh is below.

Shaman King 2021 Overview

Asakura Yoh is a normal 13 year old boy who wears orange headphones behind his ears. She likes to wear her clothes open, but she buttons them when it’s cold. During the battle, he wore a black vest, but at the second Shaman Fights fight, he wore a shirt with a Funbari Onsen advertisement on it. When Yoh was 17 years old, he started wearing jeans, white t-shirts, and scarves. At that time Hana was still a baby.

Yoh Asakura is a shaman who lives in two worlds between the world of the dead and the world of the living. He wanted to be the next new Shaman King. Yoh wants to communicate with the Great Spirit and have the power to change the world. He decided to take part in the Shaman Fight which would last for 500 years now that he has passed. His wife Anna joined him, and they started practicing together.

Shaman King 2021

Shaman King 2021

Patch Tribe Members

They prepare for the tournament together, and Yoh befriends Ryu, Tao Ren, Faust VIII, Horohoro, Lyserg Diethel, and Joco McDonnell, known as Chocolove McDonnell. The two of them begin their journey together and head to Shaman Fights. The Shaman’s fight begins, and Yoh runs into his twin brother Hao Asakura. Hao is a Shaman and strong, like Yoh. Hao has his evil plans to eradicate all the Shamans and weak humans. An intense battle began, and all of the other weak Shamans had been defeated.

The battle ends, and two teams reunite: Yoh’s team and friends, X-Laws, and Hao’s team. They surprisingly decided to cancel the tournament, and Hao became the new Shaman King. Hao rules the world, and Yoh decides to overthrow him and his allies. They attacked Hao when he made contact with the Great Spirit, but he was unconscious. The Patch Tribe members stood in the way of Yoh and his allies to stop Hao from joining the Great Spirit.

The Patch Tribe members only served the Shaman King no matter how evil he was. Yoh and his allies fought with the members and defeated the Patch Tribe members. Suddenly the new Shaman King came back to life after obtaining all the power of the Great Spirit. Hao appears to Yoh as the new Shaman King. He clashes with Hao and defeats Yoh and his allies. Hao extracted their souls from their bodies, and they were teleported into Great Spirits. While they were in the Great Spirit, another battle began.

Five Legendary Warriors

Shaman King 2021

Shaman King 2021

Yoh, Ren, Lyserg, Horohoro, and Choco Love team up and fight against Hao. Hao released five legendary spirits of thunder spirit, earth spirit, rain spirit, fire spirit, and wind spirit. The battle takes longer than expected, and John’s old friend arrives in the Great Spirit. The Great Spirit has the power to grant the wish of everyone who carries their mother’s spirit. Hao’s hope is to bring his mother back. Anna helps, and Hao’s mother appears in the Great Spirit.

He told his son that it was to forgive humans for killing him. She also told him that was the only way to save him. Hao changed his mind and decided not to eliminate humans. He decided that he would eradicate them after discovering another new plan. Hao decides to see how Yoh and his allies will save and change the world. After seven years, Hana is waiting for her parents, five legendary warriors, as well as Yoh and Anna. Let’s find out more about Yoh and the five legendary warriors in the trailer below.

Shaman King Episode 1 Release Date and Official Trailer

Shaman King 2021 Episode 1 will be released on Thursday, April 1, 2021 at 17:55 JST. You can officially watch Shaman King 2021 on Netflix. The next episode will be available next week on Thursday. Let’s see what the trailer is for us here.

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