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Luca, Alice, Kai, Shidou, Mimori, and Mauro guard the entrance of the sky palace. They prevent Empty Shadow from blocking Hiro. Hiro has just defeated his father and is fighting Leo, who has become the Nexus. Kai couldn’t believe that the Empty Shadows were constantly regenerating and improving. Mauro destroys the hawk monster who is about to kill Luca.

An army of flying dragons had also arrived at the battlefield. Luca enters the dimensional world and meets Urais Foremonde. Urais tells Luca that his will is a canine that can pierce anything. He also told Luca that he was his fangs now. This meant that Luca could not possibly lose now, and he gave him new strength. Luca returned to battle, and everyone had acquired new powers.

Previously on Shadowverse Episode 47

Luca attacks the enemy with the Doomlord of the Abyss and kills all the flying dragons that come near him. Mauro also released an Imperial Saint and punished the enemies by blowing them to ashes. Shindou returned the enemy’s fire with the Legendary Sword Commander. Mimori unleashed a glowing Valkyrie and fired an explosion that blew the Empty Shadow into dust.

Alice spent the leftovers on the ground using Dead Soul Taker. Kai summoned the Sevens Force Sorcerer. The Witch unleashed seven different magic powers and detonated the flying dragon. The Chosen Ones attack at the same time and create a large explosion that destroys all enemies at once. As they celebrate, they hear an explosion. Luca realizes that Hiro might be in danger.



Mauro comments that the fighting doesn’t seem over yet. Luca replied that Hiro wouldn’t lose no matter what. In the sky, Leo tells Hiro not to worry as he will soon be joining his mother Asagi. He tells Hiro that he will lock him and his friends in an empty world after defeating him. Hiro comments that he will never let that happen, and he will save everyone.

Savior of the World

Hiro summons five warriors and the Ivory Dragon is accompanied by a Spell Card: Dragon Strike. Leon comments that Dragon Blitz is a good spell and Hiro attacks it with Dragon Ivory and Leviathan attacks. Even though Leo has lost two attackers, he comments that he is the god and savior of this world. Hiro comments that no savior of the world can do evil things. She reminds Leo that he destroyed everything, and the world will be destroyed soon. Leo denies and says he is the ruler of the world.

He played the Shadow Artifact and developed it and destroyed all enemy followers. Ivory Dragon and Dragon Blitz vanished after a huge explosion. Leo asks Hiro if he will take revenge on his father or save his mother. Or if he would disappear without achieving anything. Hiro replies that he will beat Loe and save everyone. He drew four cards on his deck and summoned Fafnir. Fafnir’s effect activated, and it did two damage to all of the followers. Leo says Hiro’s strength is impressive and asks if he used that power to defeat Eiji.

Hiro the Shadowverse Player



Leo asked Hiro how it felt to burn his own father. He reveals that he was watching when Hiro fought his father. The battle between father and son is beautiful and dramatic, but he enjoys the plot in a drama. Leo told Hiro that he would follow the plot he laid out. He summoned the Aegis Artifact and asked Hiro if he was ready for the worst. Leo also told Hiro to greet Eji for him.

Hiro tries to attack, but the attack is unsuccessful. Loe told Hiro to let his hatred and anger attack him. Hiro realized that he was using anger against Leo, and that’s why he couldn’t win. He realized that this wasn’t how he played Shadowverse because he wasn’t at peace deep inside. Leo asks Hisro what he’s talking about, and Hiro says it’s not about anger or hatred. But he, like Shadowverse and Leo, said Eji became strong because of hatred and anger. He told Hiro too to do the same and get stronger.

Hiro comments that he isn’t Eji; he was Hiro, the Shadowverse player. He released the Infiniflame Dragon. Dragon activates its effect and deals 5 damage to the enemy leader. The Infiniflame Dragon also evolves to last a long time during that battle. The two of them exchanged different strikes and blows. Leo told Hiro that he had taken her by surprise, but nothing had changed. He unleashed four worlds of elimination which knocked Hiro down to 3 points. The Chosen Ones arrive on the scene and combine their attacks with Hiro.

Shadowverse Episode 48 Release Date

The date for Shadowverse Episode 48 will be released on Tuesday, March 23, 2021, at 5:55 JST. You can watch Shadowverse online at Crunchyroll or Anime-Planet. Let’s preview the upcoming episode of Shadowverse below.

Shadowverse Episode 48 Preview

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